10 Healthy Meal Prep MUSTS | New Year 2018

10 Healthy Meal Prep MUSTS | New Year 2018

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  1. I've seen this video litterly ten times 😂😂 whenever I plan to meal prep/plan, I always use this video as a guide. It really helps during the week to have all the stuff half done so I can cook fresh mwal everyday, because as a fulltimw working momma I need to make it fast, because otherwide it does not happen at all. Thanks Sara, you are the best!! 😘

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  3. I know this is an old video, but hopefully you get this question. When prepping quinoa or brown rice, what are some suggestions for reheating? I try to meal prep and always end up hating the grains after the first day. They're just dry and sometimes crunchy, etc.

  4. Thank YOU.. I LOVE this video so much..

  5. Amazing tips! Thank you so much 😊💙

  6. How do you get cucumbers to stay good all week when you cut them…mine get soggy

  7. Is keeping boiled eggs for long bad? I don't know but that's what I heard from a few people. But this prep plan is amazing!

  8. love your videos SO MUCH!, thank you for all the tips

  9. love it. it really helpful

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  11. Love love LOVE these simple tips

  12. You are inspirational! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. i like that your intros aren't 5 minutes long. some people's intros are usually half the video. you get straight to the point and don't ramble on about every little thing. it makes you not just bearable, but enjoyable to watch.

  14. Thankyou for these great tips! Any more tips for those who only own a small tiny refrigerator space hacks for meal preppers?

  15. I need your refrigerator with all the prepped meals hahaha

  16. thank you sara for helping me !

  17. Love this video! Thank you for sharing! You are very inspiring! 🙂 <3

  18. Delish and beautiful as always!! XOXO Sharon

  19. Wow! I want to be as organized as you are. Thank you for sharing.😍

  20. I absolutely love your meal prep videos! I'm getting some great ideas. It's so nice that you give variations and suggestions for vegetarians. Thank you!

  21. Found your channel trying to budget my groceries and not wasting any of them because I usually buy too much

  22. Cutting a cucumber is fine, but is dry as hell after a few hours.

  23. I saw you have the dressing glass small container. May I ask where you got them from?

  24. it's funny, I watch a lot of meal prep videos on your channel an on Alyssia's channel … but I usually just pick a recipe to cook out of them 😉 this video, which is less about the recipes, and more about the prep, really helped me realize that I should get back in the habit of prepping some things I used to make (like the lettuce!) and start prepping some things I've never prepped, like fresh fruit, a side of versatile grains, maybe even try that chicken, and the prepped veggies (because I am trying to eat more of those, and I usually fall short on being too lazy to cut them 😛 ).

    Terrific video Sara, I might just go and get my veggies for a mushroom soup I'm planning to cook this week ready later on today 😉

  25. Please advise where you purchased the glass containers with lids or the brand, thanks. I love your channel to include you're ebooks.

  26. Thank you for the lovely ideas and that extra motivation push needed to get started! You are awesome!

  27. The inside of ur refridgerator looks beautiful. One day i hope to be able to eat more like you. I think i got a good mix going. I think i just need to experiment with more veggies to see what my family likes. Thanks for the tips. Great video as always. 👍

  28. Do you have a separate refridgerator for liquids such as almond milk juices etc? I dont see any in your fridge.

  29. Thank you for all your videos, recipes and energy!
    You are amazing!

  30. Where do you buy your glass storage containers? Thanks for the good ideas!

  31. Where are your containers from?

  32. I need to meal prep. I have a question. Most veggies and cooked meals dont last more than a few days. If you meal plan for the week how does it last the whole week? Sorry. Im very new to meal prep.

  33. I love you Sarah!!! You are the bomb!!!!

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