10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast without Diet or Exercise

10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast without Diet or Exercise

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Losing weight seems to be on everyone’s to-do list and also tends to fall to the bottom very quickly when life gets in the way. In this video, Yuri Elkaim explains 10 different ways you can lose weight without having to go to the gym or count calories.

He goes into detail as to why each of the below is important for your health and overall well-being, as well as exactly what you need to do to lose weight.

Yuri talks about:
– Proper sleep (how much you should be getting for maximum health
and weight loss benefits) 0:27
– What to do when stress rears its ugly head (HINT: meditation is key) 1:00
– Why simply practicing gratitude can positively influence many factors in your life 1:58
– Getting your body moving in the morning 2:44
– Get protein in the morning 3:09
– The power of apple cider vinegar 4:06
– Your gluten intake 5:05
– Reduction of cardio 5:32
– Why healing your gut is so crucial 6:34
– How to prime your body before you sit down to eat 7:39

After this video, you will understand how everything listed above will affect your ability to lose weight and in no time, you’ll be on your way to having more energy, burning more fat, and living an amazingly healthy life!


  1. Hey guys, thanks for all your comments and questions! Being able to lose weight without having to diet and exercise probably sounds like a dream to most, but it is possible! I will personally say that sleep and being able to add intermittent fasting into your week really can make the difference. If you are looking for more resources or more information on how you can incorporate intermittent fasting into your life you can check out my playlist or my blogs: https://yurielkaim.com/category/intermittent-fasting/

  2. Yuri, have you heard of diatomaceous earth? If so what do you think about using it?

  3. Welp. I have insomnia. What to do.

  4. Awesome advice have to write this down to getterdone !

  5. Have fybromyalgia heart problems and auto immune disease
    So sleep is not for me as I’m in constant pain
    I do meditate and pray
    I’m stressed 😩 .
    And I’ve been looking after my husband with cancer
    I do feal terrible about myself

  6. Great information thanks

  7. My routine works
    Flab to abs in 16 weeks….
    Water, apple cider vinegar, total greens drink
    Start work 3am
    No food till I get home at 12pm…
    Crunches and push ups for 20 mins
    Don't over do it but you must feel the tummy muscles burning..otherwise it's a waste of time..
    Shake,, banana, strawberry, blueberry, turmeric, Greek yogurt,oatmeal ,almond milk…..
    Sleep for a few hours..
    Either steak, chicken, pork, lamb
    With steam rice, salad
    Rotate daily…
    Evening before bed..
    Apple cider, water cinnamon drink
    No more food
    Intermittent fasting 16/8
    Trust me,, if your determined,, this works….
    I've never felt better in my life… And for 50,,I.m looking pretty dam good 😂

  8. Intermittent fasting it’s that simple

  9. we live on different planets sir, with parents and children depending on me, meditate??? I'm laughing here

  10. GUY said 10 ways to lose weight without diet or exercise and then he mentions things to do that include diet and exercise. What the Fuck> GO for a walk in the Morning? That's exercise isn't it? Then he talks about altering and monitoring your foods intake. That's a diet isn't it?

  11. Thanks a lot. I plan to get consistent in all this but trying to do them all at once I haven't stuck to it. Any tips with that how me of these to start out with & add at a time?

  12. I’m glad SpinachPuff wrote it out. Took a screen shot and put it away so I have a reminder of Yuri’s recommendation.

  13. Thank-you! I didn't know about apple cider vinegar I'm going to do this. Thanks for your help. cstory88@yahoo.com

  14. Two things : A nice body Pizza Two things can't have at the same time: A nice body Pizza

  15. Hello,
    My name is Jackie. I really enjoyed this video. Lots of good information
    My problem is that I have trouble drinking apple cider vinegar in water
    because it sets off my acid reflux and I get this burning sensation.
    Would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you,

  16. He is so right. I recently completed the Whole30 diet, in which I had a lot of protein in the morning, eggs with potatoes, or protein shakes (vs before having Oats). I lost about 8 lbs in 1 month. I could still eat regular potatoes or sweet potatoes, but no rice/bread/grains. My cravings reduced drastically. I recommend the Whole30 if you don't know where to start, and wanna re-wire your body.

  17. But I personally know people who have lost 100's of pounds of body fat with just adjustments in the diet (quitting sugar, processed food, high carb, high fat and eating fruits veggies and lean meat) and they never exercised due to some injury. And they look amazing, I mean their body looks killer sexy. How do you explain that?

  18. wow! no. 10 is new to me

  19. What about those of us who work night shift and come home in the morning to sleep. How can we effectively follow this routine.

  20. A regular sleep schedule is something I'd never be able to have cause of my work schedule. I work graveyards, nights, & morning shifts. some nights I only sleep about 2 hours since my sleep is so screwed up. If you have a perfect schedule where you go to work and get home at the same time everyday, then you can get a perfect sleep but not with some of our schedules. But everything else that you mention can be done. I'll try to work on the rest of them. Thanks so much for your videos. You give really good info.

  21. Wow Iearned so much I will be looking at all your videos Love it Love

  22. I love your videos thank your for the information.

  23. Love your information very helpful.

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