1st Day Diet Menu | 10 Days Diet Plan | Weight Loss Tips | English Subtitles | Gowri Samayalarai

1st Day Diet Menu | 10 Days Diet Plan | Weight Loss Tips | English Subtitles | Gowri Samayalarai

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Diet Plan

Ten days diet planning. First day menu.
Check out the links for the recipe videos

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Ragi Dosa https://youtu.be/PFhkfMmMDl4

Mixed Veg Gravy https://youtu.be/2_xktdJjfKg

Soft Chappathi https://youtu.be/oSTB-CVzvRE

Steamed Veg Poriyal https://youtu.be/4XCv32IaRCE

Drumstick Leaves Soup https://youtu.be/05wLHHe0Bc4

Methi seeds | Health Tips https://youtu.be/WgcIIFYi_hY

Hot Water For Weight loss https://youtu.be/xNfKZmLp-RA

Masala Buttermilk https://youtu.be/Fqkbgzpc2zU

Mint Herbal Tea https://youtu.be/T50WODnLlUQ

Wheat Veg Soup https://youtu.be/qxbpTD75UTc

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  1. hai gowri akka..I am following your diet plan for nearly 8 months akka..each month I lost nearly 2 to 3 kg .now I lost nearly 16 kg akka..i look completely different .happy to share.still I am following your diet plan ..God bless you abundantly

  2. Mam husband overweight… So na intha 20 days diet plan kudukalanu iruken…. Enakum OK tha… But paiyan s years 9 months tha… Avanukum kudukalama…. Yena avan romba oliya tha irukan.. Weight 11.5 tha

  3. Sema Menu ivlo nal miss panitan… Great sis…

  4. Mam wheat flour use panna wheight reduce aagumaa plz rply me

  5. One day ku than solirukinga,. Other ?

  6. Hi mam..winter timela curd epdi use panrathu,athuku alternate sollunga mam

  7. If i eat that much ill become potatao

  8. Mam 10days finish pannitu again 1st day menu va continue pannanuma evlow naal epdi pannanum konjom clear ah sollunga

  9. Hello mam enku 4 month la abortion ayidichi so knjm weight podutan Na entha diet uh use panalama now am not pregnant

  10. Plz tell me the veg diet plan for college students

  11. 10 day diet plan la evlo weight loss agum amma

  12. hello madam put weightloss die tip for one moth food

  13. what about 2nd day plan.
    .please post it

  14. Mam….after 10th day's diet if we eat rice will weight increase?

  15. Oomam milk la Art panni evening time kudikalama Entha time la

  16. Mam now I've started to follow ur diet plan but i have a doubt……will weight loss be a late process for hypothyroid patients than normal ones………

  17. thank u akka…daily etha try pannalama..illa one day mattum than intha diet plan try pannanuma

  18. What can we drink instead of masala curd and murunga keerai

  19. ennoda age 15 ennaku annoda age katha weight illa . ennoda weight 74 so easily I want to loss the weight please any simple dish are any drinks please upload the vedieo in Tamil

  20. morning green tea evening herbal tea kandipa kudikanum aa athuku pathil vera enna kudikalam aprom ragi mavu na kepai mava

  21. Tomorrow I will start the diet…..let see …..

  22. Will continue the same plan for daily?

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