2 DAY DETOX and CLEANSE WEIGHT LOSS DIET | Recipe ideas & Healthy Grocery Haul

2 DAY DETOX and CLEANSE WEIGHT LOSS DIET | Recipe ideas & Healthy Grocery Haul



Follow me as I detox and cleanse after a long two weeks of eating everything for the holidays! I wasn’t really trying to lose weight as much as I was trying to debloat and feel better again. This cleanse helps with stubborn belly fat, boosting your metabolism ad helping your digestive system!

NOTE: PHASE 1 I THE EBOOK- You’re not suppose to have oil and salt but I did I this video ( because I’m not really trying to lose so much weight) but for better results, skip the oils and salt!



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** I’m no specialist or professional. This is just what I do, Be sure to listen to your body and do what’s right for you!


  1. I can't stress enough how much I want your chanel to blow up you're the most underrated youtuber EVER!!! look at the way you edit, it's unbelievable!! 😫👏🏻💖

  2. You find it irritating the toillet room is separated?
    Me and my french family we get embarassed and a bit distgusted when there's a bathroom with a toilet in it :'D

  3. I watched this video while eating popcorn.

  4. I plan I going to Japan when I can afford it and I would honestly love to be your friend. Though I’m kinda quiet sometimes, I actually really love the good vibes you give and I’m personally trying to get healthier

  5. That's not food that's what you feed farm animals GRASS

  6. Will this drink actually help with cleaning out the stomach/colon and losing weight?

  7. Wait how do you make the lemon water? Cold or hot?

    And BTW

  8. You could have some type of a food allergy.Gluten is found in a lot of thing that cause bloating and upset stomach or could be milk!

  9. When you make tea you don’t add any sweetener right ?

  10. New subbie luv the content 👏🏾💗

  11. Omdss I just clocked the starting song is Spirited Away💯💜

  12. She is sooo pretty 🥰😍💖

  13. I Feel So Motivated After Seeing That Body Of Yours

  14. Act first when I saw the price I was like "$3,000 dollars?! What kind of high end food this girl buyin?!" and then I remembered it's japanese currency and not american currency lol

  15. That lofi intro❤❤❤💗❤💗❤

  16. im binge watching allll your vids heheheh

  17. The ad I got started off with a guy just eating pizza for a few seconds and then he said "you're probably wondering why the heck I'm eating pizza-" and then I skipped it

  18. I'm on a fruit and vegetable detox, doing it for 21 days 🙏✋

  19. So I hate veggies and since I can’t season with homemade dressings I’m screwed 😭😭😭😭 Can I just do fruit? Lmao

  20. So im doing the detox juice this morning and thank goodness its not as bad as some of the wellness shots i've taken in the past lol

  21. that one unlike was from the ramyeon 🥢

  22. I love when you say toilet room lol

  23. Ramen and mcdonalds are my life tooooo i like you already!!

  24. Omg! One summer's day in your opening! 😍😍 I love that song ❤️ What a cool remix of it. Your meals looks so healthy… I really struggle with healthy eating. Sometimes I just have a mega greens tank smoothie though and that's my vege intake for like the week… month… whatever hahahah. Peter has tried to make me healthier over the years but it's a losing battle lol. Your cooking looks yum! – Yen

  25. Try adding honey into your acv drink!! It’ll taste nicer 🙂

  26. wow that intro is aesthetic as fuuuck

  27. Personality is soooooo bomb!!!!

  28. I love your videos😂they're so fun to watch lol

  29. I loooove the subtle studio ghibli music

  30. you look like a doll ❤️ so beautiful

  31. Lol I am on the toilet watching your video 😂😂😂😂

  32. Your videos are aesthetically pleasing 😍

  33. omf the intro on the toilet killed me I love this

  34. I’m trying to get back my motivation to actually lose weight again, halp :’(

  35. I love the self hand slap away from the ramen hahaha, SAME. I just got back from las vegas so I'm trying to drink that same gross detox drink too :'-( and I've learned cayenne pepper is NOT a worthy addition!!!!!!!!

  36. Yeah I’ll do this starting this Wednesday -Friday wish me luck
    I have to stay motivated

  37. My friends and I LOVE your channel so so much it has inspired me to lose weight and has really helped I love your personality too

  38. Beautiful as always 🤪😫😍

  39. The aesthetics in this video are soooo nice

  40. sunday i just got ur diet plan, and i’m so excited to use it next week!

  41. Damn Sundai, your channel is still exploding 😛

  42. Hey girl , I so love the AppleCyder Vinegar with the Turmeric and Ginger, I actually first started detoxing with that and it worked wonders for me, my feet were no longer swollen because of all my excess water retention, also thanks for the other tips on how to be less bloated like a balloon, lol just me okay !! Arigatogozaimashita X.o.X.o

  43. Yummy! Thanks for sharing!!

  44. You really do bloat! Thats crazy. Ive been drinking the cleanse in the morning and the night! Ill nevwr stop drinking it

  45. I just liked immediately not because i watched yet ,because it’s you..🤷🏾‍♀️…now back to this great content! Everyday should be SUNDAI!! Mwahs from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

  46. i actually love fruits and vegatables!

  47. I adore your disposition, you're just so cheerful. And if you do see this ever Indian, where turmeric comes from, person I know pronounces it like ter-meric so thats probably better, but the most common American pronunciation seems to be two-meric, I'm sure the Brits do something different and goofy as usual (joking). Jus emphasize the first syllable.

  48. I love your videos and your energy! you’re so beautiful and so sweet ❤️❤️

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