28-Day Soup Detox Cleanse to Lose Weight (Meal Plans Included) | Joanna Soh

28-Day Soup Detox Cleanse to Lose Weight (Meal Plans Included) | Joanna Soh

No, you don’t always have to eat salad to lose weight! Here’s a 4-Week Soup Cleansing Diet to help you towards your weight loss goal and to maintain a healthy weight long term. Be sure to watch this video through!



Be sure to download the meal plan, print it off and start the month STRONG!

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For the next 28 days, I want you to:
1) Include at least 2 servings of soups everyday. You can either have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
2) Choose only low-calorie vegetable or broth based soupS. For instance chunky vegetables, pureed vegetables, clear chicken or beef broth.
3) Avoid cream-based soups especially those loaded with heavy cream, cheese and pasta.
4) Avoid instant can or powdered soup. Those soups tend to be high in calories, fat and sodium, which defeats the whole purpose of adding soups into your diet.
5) If possible, go for homemade soups. If you want to use ready soup stocks for convenience, then opt for the low sodium or low fat variety.


Here are 10 reasons why you should include soups into your diet:
1) It’s very nutritious
You’re basically getting a good balance of protein, carbs and healthy fat all in one bowl. This gives you energy and keep you going for the entire day!

2) You feel full quicker and longer
The combination of water and solids in soup fills you up quicker and longer because it expands the stomach.

3) Reduce total caloric intake
Because soup can fill you up for very few calories, eating soup on a daily basis means that you’re more likely to eat less, crave less, which can help to further reduce your total daily calorie intake and lead to weight loss or to maintain a healthy weight.

4) Increase your water intake
The basis of soup is basically water. So eating soup will contribute to your daily water intake and keep you hydrated.

5) Meet your 5-a-day
If you hate eating your veggies, pureed vegetable soup is the easiest ways to add more vegetables into your diet without feeling like you’re forced to eat your veggies.

6) Great for digestion
The high water content of the vegetables in soup promotes healthy digestion by flushing out toxins in the body. If you suffer from water retention, bloating or constipation, try adding soups into your diet.

7) It’s easy!
Anybody can whip up a good bowl of soup. Even if you can’t cook, it’s almost impossible to mess up. It’s a one-pot dish, you can keep adding more of something into the pot until it turns out fine.

8) You can make-ahead
Whether chilled or warm soups, you can make-ahead in large batches. Keep them chilled in the fridge, or freeze them up and reheat when ready to eat. They’ll last for many weeks and it’s so convenient.

9) It’s affordable
Vegetables, broths and water are cheap. You can easily cook a large pot of soup at a very low cost to feed the entire family to keep them full and healthy!

10) It’s comforting
No matter what cultural background you’re from, a bowl of soup is ALWAYS comforting. It is also very nourishing, restorative, light and very easily digested, especially when we’re ill.


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