3 Healthy Sandwich Recipes | Lose 3 kgs In A Week | Weight Loss Sandwich Recipes | Breakfast Ideas

3 Healthy Sandwich Recipes | Lose 3 kgs In A Week | Weight Loss Sandwich Recipes | Breakfast Ideas

3 Healthy Sandwich Recipes For Weight Loss | Lose 3kg In A Week – Weight Loss Veg Sandwich Egg Sandwich – Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas/Recipes | Brown Bread Sandwich for Weight Loss | How to make sandwich for weight loss | Chicken sandwich for weight loss | Vegetable sandwich for weight loss | Bread sandwich for weight loss | Weight loss sandwich for breakfast | Barley Sandwich Recipes / Ideas
Barley Water For Weight Loss : https://youtu.be/wIF5_2eOhL8
Barley Grass Water : https://youtu.be/RK0XuEsPkX0
Barley Grass Water : https://youtu.be/B_fzYrW7jz4 (Hindi)
Barley Weight Loss Recipe : https://youtu.be/bRrZcTTue48
Barley Weight Loss Recipe : https://youtu.be/SJIJJ-pv4Q4
3 Green Weight Loss Drinks : https://youtu.be/yP6GD8SgBg8- Hummus. https://youtu.be/KIYMXWUxVZ0
Avocado Hummus: https://youtu.be/8QwTMbBHkp0

Healthy Weight Loss Snack Ideas / Options :
2 Healthy Wraps For Weight Loss : https://youtu.be/9dRpsTGZ744
3 Weight Loss Sandwich Recipes : https://youtu.be/suZNnLj7Js4
Avocado Weight Loss Dip : https://youtu.be/8QwTMbBHkp0
2 Weight Loss Dinners Recipe : https://youtu.be/p7pCoXcDd88
Chickpea Salad For Weight Loss : https://youtu.be/NOvvQWgW5U0
Know more about Spirulina – https://youtu.be/L5cb6Rqr6S4
Know more about Wheat Grass – https://youtu.be/NIz_sAQ8iQ0
Know more about Barley – https://youtu.be/RK0XuEsPkX0
Barley Recipe Indian – https://youtu.be/bRrZcTTue48
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  1. Hi vicky how many pair of sandwich a day should i eat? Any suggestions?

  2. Please make a video on how to grow avocado plant in a pot at home

  3. Mam plz batady mera weight ek jaga lar atka ha na kam hota ha na he bharta ha delivery k bhd plz ek achi diet bata dy

  4. En sandwich ma kitni celories hy?

  5. Mam, please upload a potato diet plan for weight loss

  6. I also have a request please make a food video for water retention in body n home remedy for swollen feet. Please u are my first n last hope.

  7. pls mam can u do weightloss video for Pregent women.plsssssss very useful

  8. Mam, I am amardeep. I am 24 years old. My office time is 9 am to 5 pm (Mon-Sat). I want to lose belly fat but I don't get time to follow the diet plan. Can u Plz suggest me the best diet plan according to t my routine.
    Mam Can u suggest me some drink so that I can carry to my office to remain active in office.
    plz Reply

  9. Can you toast the sandwiches?

  10. @versatile vicky. Hi vicky please make a weightloss video for people who are working in night shifts ….MUCH NEEDED .

  11. I have started your awesome egg diet plan my question was Can I do one day egg diet plan and next day oat meal plan because eating same food becomes little boring and gives me reasons to give up, plz plz answer versatile Vicky.

  12. Hi Vicky….I have msg u on Facebook why don't u reply me….plz help me …plz… Mai aap ka egg diet plan use Kari par mujhai vomting shuru hogaye bf k baad hi lunch Mai toh kha hi Nahi saki Mai …phir jab Mai aap ka detox water ka shuru kiya mujhai BP low aur chakkar aanai lagai sar dard shuru hogaya …..Mai nai jab hi rok diya…Mai bahut Sarai comments padhi Sab positive hai isliye Mai plan shuru karna chahti hu par kuch na kuch problem hojara even mairai Bhabhi use karai plan aap k unku faida hua vo weight loose Karli apna plz mujhai bhi karna hai mujhai do Bacchai Hai Cesarian sai aur maira weight din pai din badhra hai aur Mai healthy diet Nahi lairahi hu plz aap koi diet plan bataye easy jis Mai eggs ya apples aur costly cheez na ho plz mai out of India rehti hu Arab country Mai plz help Karo plz god will bless u plz dear help me…..aur reply zarur karna mujhai Mai wait karungi

  13. Hi vicky m on ur egg diet n loose 3.8 kg thn start again with the gap of 4 dys now again loosing 2 kgs in 2 dys thanx alot realy awsome diet

  14. Sexy hands ..good food too

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