3 INGREDIENT VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1.50 ($2) | 5 Cheap & Easy Student Recipes

3 INGREDIENT VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1.50 ($2) | 5 Cheap & Easy Student Recipes

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hummus pasta // https://bit.ly/2rVbvwA
roasted butternut squash soup // https://bit.ly/2IRJyQJ
cheat’s chilli // https://bit.ly/2IxrrMA
chips + guac // https://bit.ly/2ISPklc
vegan pizza // https://bit.ly/2rVDMTN

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  1. As always, all the recipes are linked in the description! What's your favourite super cheap and easy meal?

  2. Something I learned today, "rockets" are strong, peppery flavor leaves like arugula or rucola. I've never heard anyone use that term in the US.

  3. I’m not vegan, but I love your recipes. I should try them out since it’s my last semester of university and I’m trying to save up

  4. Remember when Ross said butternut squash but it came out squatter nut bosh

  5. does anyone know the second song?

  6. I absolutely LOVE your videos. I’m starting to become a vegan, and it’s been pretty hard because I love dairy products. But seeing all these yummy foods you make has made it so much easier for me 🙂 thank you!

  7. I'm a new subscriber so far every meal is good.. And easy

  8. Diaya has frozen vegan pizza but not only is it very expensive but the carbs on it are ridiculous!

  9. I am going to live by this video

  10. 8:32 I'm sorry, Did she just call mashed up avocado guacamole??

  11. i love these recipes but they would definitely cost around 3 euro each where i live 🙂

  12. Is it weird that i love watching you eat lol?

  13. since when is vegan cheese cheap?

  14. when she cracks the pepper at 7:07 matches perfectly to the beat of the song playing in the background and v relaxing, just listen

  15. Great recipes for anyone for sure, not just students as you say! I intend to try all of them!!

  16. What a wonderful video! Loved the recipes❤️

  17. A tub of hummus unfortunately costs 6$ in Canada 😓

  18. I’m planning on going to uni after summer, and I also want to go vegan when I go, so this is so helpful x

  19. I’m not vegan, but I am gluten free. I also enjoy making vegan food from time to time. I’ve made vegan pizza so many times. I made my own cheese alternative, as well as trying the Tesco cheese. Sadly the taste of coconut cheese will never live up to regular cheese… I’d say I make a lot of good gluten free food though! I recommend making pasta sauce with spices, vegetable stock, vegetables and coconut milk (add a dash of flour to thicken).

  20. Does anyone know what song is playing? I love it!

  21. I'm doing the squash thingy right now and the pumpkin alone costs 2.50€ in austria ;-; i'm not sure how much 1.50£/$ are but it should be around 1.50 to 3€ so wtf how cheap is your country?

  22. What is the second song pleaaaase ? The one which starts at the chili recipe. thank you !

  23. Woah it's like $2.50 for about 20 Rosa tomatoes and humus that size is about $5 here where I live…

  24. I'm not vegan but I really appreciate this video. I needed some simple cheap ideas for meals that didn't include meat and this was perfect. 🙂

  25. The music reminds me of this church song that goes “gloooo oooor oooor ooorrrr ia”

  26. you must put salt in the water when boiling pasta, sorry I'm Italian, I had to tell you. If you want to put salt in the sauce you can make it in a little pan or in a mixer 😀

  27. New subscriber! Love all of these. Thanks do very much for sharing

  28. Best Beginners video hands down! Thank you! Please make more videos for us beginners.

  29. Really fab! Subscribed – can’t wait to see more! 🌱

  30. I'm so glad i found your channel! Thank you <3

  31. I love this video, but how did you get some of these items??? The cheese alone for the pizza from where I'm from is at least $3! And the bread, I can't imagine that being under $2. I'd guess $5.

    Also, it would be great to have a video themed around 5 or so ingredients. That way, college students won't have to stock up their fridge with various ingredients, which can be pricey and a lot of trips to the grocery store which can be hard for students without cars.

  32. I feel like you scared to look at the camera

  33. great ideas 😀 will try them myself. thank you …

  34. You are so lucky for having so many options on the supermarket which are vegan or gluten/lactose free. Im lactose intolerant, not even vegan, but I try vegan options cause its the best way to be sure its lactose free. That vegan cheese would cost around 4 or 5 times what you mentioned, if I could find it.. Loved the ideas!

  35. Friendly tip* you should never heat up olive oil. It has a low smoke point and will turn into a trans fat. Switch to coconut or avocado oil for cooking 😉

  36. I’m Making ALL of these! Amazing ideas! Vegetarian trying to go vegan!

  37. Little tip for anyone interested: if your soup is too runny blend in a little bit of cooked rice to thicken it up! 💕😊

  38. I tried the soup and added a few spices and it was amazing. My baby brother loved it to! Thank you so much ❤️❤️

  39. Made #1 and it's amazing!!!! Spinach and broccoli instead of tomatoes, and added some paprika in there! So quick too! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Can I just say that in America none of this stuff is that cheap. Like for a thing of hummus it's like $3

  41. Hi what is that device called you used for the butternut squash

  42. I´m in love with your channel and I loveeeeee remaking your recipes!!! And you're so beautiful, keep going you're doing amazing

  43. Ok but guacamole is more than just smashed avocado

  44. What's the song at 4:46? Please I'm going crazy!

  45. for the hummus pasta it is better if you add a little bit of the pasta water for it be less dry and more creamy

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