31 One-Pot Recipes

31 One-Pot Recipes

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  1. I danced this whole video.

  2. I have a good recipe that my mom gave me that goes as followed

    Preheat a pit to 20
    Add water


  4. Wow best ever……😁😘😍

  5. perhaps this should be called '31 one-pot dairy-heavy basically the same 5 pasta recipes'

  6. They should rename this video "How To Eat Nothing But Pasta And Parmesan For A Month"

  7. Why did they have to add people’s face and annoying talking. These videos are just perfect, relaxing music and you watch the food ( because you haven’t eaten in 2 day).

  8. Can't take it no more 😭😥 I want to eat right now lol 😝😋😂😉 Awesomely delicious!

  9. *shows butternut squash*

    "Heheh. Sqwutternut bosh."

  10. Hmmmm simmering tiny cubes of chicken breast for 20 plus minutes really?! Those will be some really tough. I wouldn't eat that.

  11. I will definitely be trying some!

  12. Made the ham-potatoe-soup. It was delicious!!!

  13. 31 One-pot severely overcooked chicken recipes

  14. Sadly they did not show pot browwnies

  15. You cooked pasta in milk then made taco spaghetti. I have to die now, I cannot stand for this blasphemy.

  16. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Very delicious

  17. WARNING, crime against humanity at 21:20. Bologna has no relationship to that dish

  18. no vegetarian recipes?

  19. Longest video of my life😂

  20. White people really put a pinch of seasoning on their meat and only cook it for 15 minutes, and for those meatballs, they said ONE minute each side?? Smh. That shit is not cooked.

  21. Here's another one pot recipe. Shrimp gumbo.

  22. Well now I want to make spaghetti tacos

  23. What do you mean broccoli isn’t a small tree?

  24. Inspiring. Many thanks.

  25. So, all your one-pot recipes are crap

  26. Y’all tried it with the hotdog pasta.🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  27. Wow, I only watched the 1st three recipes, & I'm on my way to the grocery store. Thank you, thank you!! Can't wait to try them!! Then I'll watch & make more. 🤗👍🤞❣

  28. Make a one pot without cheese or milk challenge, some of us are broke with allergies

  29. rain drop drop top smoking good in the hotpot

  30. I hate the whole or flaked-peppers when I bit into it.

  31. Not really a "One pot" if you have to take something OUT of the pot to cook another thing!!

  32. A great way to spend My freetime

  33. Read book "Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us" by Michael Moss, and you will understand why Americans put too much cheese into food

  34. Flipping a mazing! Wow that’s a lot of one pot recipes! Thank you very much for all the recipes and actually seeing them being cooked ! Great ideas!

  35. You guys never sear your chicken good. 😂

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