4 Easy Meals To Start Cooking

4 Easy Meals To Start Cooking

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  1. 0:22 oh my god! You look just like Shakira, no no….Young Cathrintira.

    ActUalLy mY nAmEs mAriNa yUh

  2. the music gives me cancer.

  3. Great! Just the timing is missing…

  4. the pizza one is actually smart

  5. I’m ment to be revising

  6. What if we don't have ingredients? "Easy"?

  7. I'm going to try the pizza one and see how it turns out???

  8. different way cook ,i like

  9. My Easiest Meal Is An Scrambled Egg

  10. At 2:50 there is blasphemy in his biggest form

  11. Alvin: Oh yes!

    Lactose intolerant people: Holy crap

  12. I think frozen Pizza in the oven is even better…

  13. Do you need to add yeast if its not going to rise?

  14. I can't even fix a glass of water right

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