4 Meals Anyone Can Make

4 Meals Anyone Can Make

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  1. I actually tried the mac n cheese recipe but the cheese sauce came out too grainy because the cheese wasn't properly melted and distributed evenly. I guess I generally suck at cooking :((

  2. My pasta is really hard is it normal?

  3. I can't even cook sunny side egg just kiddinh

  4. Awhat is pareselay and parmesan

  5. And I'm still here microwaving my foods. Dont kill me plz Gordon

  6. Meanwhile in indonesia, Indomieeeeeeee

  7. Tasty, Can You Make A Hallal Foof For Muslim People. I'm Already Subscribe And Turn On The Bell.


  9. I can't because I have no arms 😭

  10. That awkward moment when you're vegetarian

  11. Me staying at college that cant cook be like 😐

  12. Mac & chess is so easy to make so im going to make it (maybe)
    cause i can

  13. Even my baby sister can do this

  14. I know everybody came for the Mac N cheese her it is 1:42 thank me later

  15. “You Can Do It” (unless you’re broke and have no ingredients like me)

  16. Murachan Ramen is the easiest thing to make and still delicious

  17. Damn my second day after getting my tonsils out I’m I’m hungry as hell

  18. DON'T cook pasta in milk. Tried it and it took forever to cook. Plus it was nasty.

  19. PLEASE HELP this music on 1:50 is simular like 1 peeps instrumental but i dont know name of the songg i think he said She wanna make thos fuckers cry PLEASE HELP

  20. The struggle is real when you dont like cheese XD

  21. My city don't have this damn cheese parmesan, stop adding it to videos ugh

  22. Ummm yeaaahhh but how can I make the macaroni from the first recipe? cuz it's super hard.

  23. Man this instantly made me hungry

  24. I do not remember BBQ sauce looking like blood

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