5 Foods That Should Be Your Breakfast Every Morning

5 Foods That Should Be Your Breakfast Every Morning

The healthiest foods you can eat for breakfast.

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  1. Can i eat just boiled egg for breakfast before a swimming competition

  2. My girl always takes nuts in morning

  3. Smartphones giving you sleepless nights?

  4. Hi love ur video can u please tell me how or which apps u use to get ur ,background music the speech and texting and pictures in the background in your video please I have been searching for a app which can do this over a year now and never found one

  5. I can eat corn flakes instead of oatmeal

  6. A secret recipe that you were unaware of! These ingredients give you a special drink that enhances your lost vigour & vitality.

  7. Who doesn't like eggs of course not me I love eggs

  8. Wat about poor peoplesonurita

  9. What if you work overnight?

  10. Ummm… actually the eggs item is wrong cus the egg yolk has colesterall soooooo… that means that the corect way to eat eggs is: eat one egg in one day, 2 days with no egg and repeat
    Nhahhshhshhdhdhhr im a nerd
    Pls kill me

  11. Simple as that. Now let's get started!!!!!

  12. I usually just smoke a bowl

  13. Subscribe to QasimSarfraz it's amazing

  14. Stop using the computer voice. Instant dislike.

  15. 👍👍👍👍👍👍😘

  16. Yeah eggs also full of cholesterol

  17. I wonder which of these videos or research is true or fake or just no facts to support. Confusing me watching all these. In another video it says that eggs is one of the 10 foods that you will not eat. How confusing are these theories?

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  19. 1. Vodka
    2. Gin
    3. Rum
    4. Whiskey
    5. Tequila

  20. Egg & bacon& toast..strawberry jam& grits…coffe…Orange juice..the rest is trash

  21. Eggs and animal products are known to cause cancer and type two diabetes and heart disease. They also contain high levels of the pesticide Dioxin a known carcinogen.

  22. 5 must have things in the morning check this out

  23. The best thing: You can eat them all at once

  24. What about allergies? Think twice when loading up these videos….

  25. Add crushed nuts and banana and / or berries to your otameal or cereal every day .
    Egg yolks high in cholesterol, remove one yolk from every other one that you eat.

  26. Very Informative Video thanks for share.

  27. But what doctors said about eggs

  28. I like egg 😕but not bowl

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  30. Oatsmeals are waste in india but god sacke many people eating oats

  31. who the hell has time for breakfast! 😉

  32. I have just watched two contradictory videos. One advised not to eat more than two eggs per week. The other advised to eat one per day! There is no "One size fits all" i the matter of diet.

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