5 Minute Breakfast | Low Carb High Protein Recipes | Easy Breakfast Ideas

5 Minute Breakfast | Low Carb High Protein Recipes | Easy Breakfast Ideas

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5 Minute Breakfast | Easy Breakfast Ideas | Low Carb High Protein Recipes | Easy Tofu Recipes | Tofu Recipes for Weight Loss | Easy Breakfast Recipes | Tofu Recipes | Tofu Pancake | Tofu Omelette | High Protein Low Carb Recipe | Versatile Vicky Weight Loss Recipe

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  1. I am with high inflammatory problem. Can I consume tofu?

  2. Hi vicky tofu and mozarella chesse is same or not?? Im in france i dont know the name of paneer in French and im also search the markets but not available so i bought mozarella cheese but it was melted in heat.

  3. how could we make this eggless????

  4. Can we make this with paneer instead of tofu?

  5. Can we add this in our diet plan

  6. what i can use if i dont have tufo ??

  7. Versatile vicky you are awesome i was seatching breakfast recipes without egg so today i found one thanks alot

  8. Hi mam i`am from India. I've belly fat. What can I take for lunch did you have any recipe for lunch please immediately reply me

  9. You said 5 min recipe but you have to let your tomatoe sit for 15 min

  10. Can add cottage cheese instead of tofu ? As its not available here.do reply plz.😊😊😊

  11. Can I replace tofu with cottage cheese

  12. Tastey and healthy..thank u..⚘👌

  13. Shd be speaking more clearly to understad

  14. Vicky ji…. Im suffering from pcod…. Can i use tofu in small amounts????

  15. Can we use this reciepe during OMAD?

  16. Would you suggest adding an alternative protein source to the recipe if you are hypothyroid and have to avoid soy products like tofu? My suggestion would be salmon or another oily fish and perhaps a few slices of avocado?

  17. Hello! Thanks for all these amazing recipes and daily plans. What software do you use to edit your videos! ? Sorry for the unrelated question 😉

  18. It would be high in cholesterol as there are 2 eggs in it. What if we have been recommended to avoid egg yokes for high cholesterol

  19. hi plz make video on keto recipes

  20. I’ll surly try it 😍 u r tooo good dear 😊

  21. Really very easy and delicious recipe. Sure i will make it for my family as i have thyroid so i cant use Toffo… Thanks for sharing 💕💕💕💕

  22. Hie vicky……..if u can plz REPLY ME… I am trying your dalia recipe… But can i add tomato and some spices… Plzz i need ans asap….

  23. Sorry bt jismn do egg Dale ho wo nutricious kaise ho skta h….???
    With egg yolk

  24. Hallo Vicky…nice recipe….could you please explain about Atkin's diet….

  25. I just ate it it's yummy and tasty also easy to make

  26. Please Vicky let us know how to manitain losed weight.

  27. Please reply Vicky can I hv this brkfast daily mrng routine.

  28. can pcos have cottage cheese/paneer?

  29. Hey Vicky.. great vid! Thank u..
    May God bless ur day.

  30. Vicky just a suggestion came on my mind dont mistake me : can u try something on the scenario rather than predominat on dishes eg : many people work in countries like grmany , canda , swiz nd uk where the weather is completely differs. So what kind of food should help them in terms of exoerimenting in diet if it all they are on the weight loss mode.this wil tremendously helpful for onsite IT employees and others who may only able to adapt the cinditions after 3 or 6 months only.

  31. Yummy and healthy.. ur dishes r always superbbbb

  32. hey can i use simple homemade paneer instead of tofu ?

  33. i dont eat egg, how should i make ??

  34. Hi..can i know what flour you using?

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