5 Quick & Easy Meals for Students!! | ohhitsonlyalice

5 Quick & Easy Meals for Students!! | ohhitsonlyalice

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How old are you? My birthday is 23rd July 1995 – I’m 22 right now 🙂
Where do you study? The University of Lincoln
What do you study? I’m a second year Media Production Student
Where do you live? I live in Lincoln when I’m at university. But I live in Doncaster originally

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  1. does anyone know if i can get those seasoning sheets in Australia?

  2. Why continue to say chips when the bag says fries?

  3. Mon-Fri:Ramen for breakfast lunch and dinner
    Sat-Sun: pizza/tacos/sandwiches/cereal…basically the good food Treat Ya Self

  4. you're my crush now😍😍😂
    btw I'm also doing my masters in University thanks for this video

  5. U said the ingredients are in the description, there is nothing

  6. Where did you get the frozen veg for the casserole from?

  7. For the chicken paprika thing. If you bash out your chicken so its thin and use 2 sheets instead it can take less than 5 minutes to cook

  8. Tbh I would never have thought to cook food like the chicken or casserole because it looks expensive but you can get all the ingredients for so cheap! Thank you!!!

  9. Liked and Subscribed… yummy… Fab Video ..😀

  10. If you put a lid on the pan when making the omelette, it steams it enough to flip it over

  11. Just a tip for the omelette: while you're mixing the eggs, add a little bit of milk, salt and some cheese (in Italy I use parmigiano because it's way more discrete and don't cover up the flavor of the eggs, but it still ad texture). It will become a rich, proteic omelette, more filling for a meal and less like a breakfast… and you can still ad everything you want in the pan to make it even more delicious.

  12. all of these were just awful

  13. I've never seen those spice paper things! Definitely gonna have to look out for them

  14. I definitely need to try the chicken paper seasoning trick! Looks yummy and so much easier lol!

  15. Marry me and help me make this meals😊😂

  16. Love this video. I also love your name because it reminds me of one of my fave places, Thorpe Park. Subbed

  17. Not a student, just a single lazy guy so these were super helpful

  18. Really helpful video, and not just for students! Those seasoning papers are a revelation and it was such a good idea to try them with pork as well as chicken. They are very cheap in places like Home Bargains. It would have been handy to have had oven temperatures too but they can be found by googling.

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