5 Veggie-Packed Recipes For Your Kids!

5 Veggie-Packed Recipes For Your Kids!

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  1. 2:35 my kids is already dead by hungry..

  2. I'm 8 I wild & I wild eat these 100 were is the present thing

  3. OMG ya right. I challenge you to give that to any picky ass kid of today and have them actually eat it

  4. Keep the fruits upto 6 months, My Friends!

  5. 0:53 if they dipped broccoli in ketchup OH HUNNY NOOOOO

  6. Plz can u make without eggs and broccoli

  7. Let’s be real. I don’t need these hidden veggie meals for a kid.. I need them for me, a 24 year old woman. 😂

  8. My mom would never get this creative either you eat it or get a butt whoopen 😿😵😵

  9. My family used to be really poor, so I would eat anything. Even now that we have plenty of money I still eat most things

  10. 2:37 OMG 6 months 😱😱😱 my God…

  11. Recipes are good but my brother will not touch them becoz he can see the vegetables in them ,it don't matter to him whether the taste is good or not ,annoying brat, plus it's more difficult for me to find recipes for my family is vegetarian .

  12. Most vegetarians don’t eat egg

  13. My mom got me to eat fish for 2 years by calling it special chicken

  14. That splash of soy sauce in rice is TRULY SATISFYING

  15. I am a kid now on I am aware that my mom does not hide veggies like this!!

  16. Is that a kill me in my life

  17. Why would u do this to your children

  18. The first one have egg in it…how is that vegan?

  19. Great video but isn't that too much cheese?

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