$50 FOR A WEEK OF CUTTING: Meal Prep on a Budget with Zac Perna

$50 FOR A WEEK OF CUTTING: Meal Prep on a Budget with Zac Perna

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Hey guys, on today’s video (Massive Kitchen) I show you guys the sequel to my $50 Bulking Video with a $50 cutting video! These are simple, easy meals that taste great and are super cheap. Keep in mind it’s $50AUD which is like $35usd so even better. Remember to adjust quantities to meet your macros!


  1. never understood how people crack an egg open with one hand?

  2. I just stumbled across your videos while searching for inspiration for easy, healthy meals (living in Zambia right now, so the range of ingredients are not as readily available). Thank you for the information! Great recommendations.

  3. I don't eat chicken….

  4. No wardrobe change…just take it off!

  5. You are handsome! I am enjoying watching you cook 😍😘

  6. thats easy 100 here in canada

  7. Wtf i thought this was zac efron before i clicked the video

  8. Awesome and detailed video. Will be trying this soon. What do you suggest I do for the last two days of the week?

  9. Blasting a bunch of chicken thighs with taco seasoning. LOL.

  10. General question…
    is eating so many eggs is ok? I read that 2 eggs per day are recommended but not more…

  11. Zac von mog…..oops sorry wrong video 😂

  12. Isn't it dangerous to re-heat 4-5 day old rice?

  13. Actually going to start using these at the fire station

  14. Wasted so much beans

  15. My first time seeing your vids…..im impressed! Well done mate! Cheap and healthy, Win -Win.

  16. White bread ? No fruit ?? I'm sure you can cut on this diet but it's certainly missing some key nutrients that a multi-vitamin can't truly replace.

  17. one tip for rice is to mix it with some gurkemeie so it turns yellow ish, adds alot of taste to it and makes it less bland.

  18. so, you wrap that up and stick it in the refrigerator??? then re heat it when it's time?

  19. so there is a beat in this video that is also in Faces by Mac Millere

  20. u really have this fancy ass kitchen and u microwave everything? xd u dont even wash the meat and the veggies straight in from the package its disgusting.

  21. "zac. why did you finger the chicken"

  22. What about the cholesterol in all of those egg yolks?

  23. Come prep my "eggs"😉🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Your cabinets are a bit small for your high ceilings 👀 you should consider getting longer cabinets for aesthetics

  25. What about the weekly cost of the cycle? How much does the Test cost?

  26. Does anyone know how much I should eat if I’m 20, and weigh 177 and am 6 feet. Tryin to cut for summer

  27. Can someone help by making a shopping list?

  28. Wait, so why do the gloves go on? lul

  29. The sad part is that where I am, just 2 packs of chicken would cost the 46$ on its own……

  30. quick question – what's the recommended way to store those prep'd meal? I previously froze them and they taste awful after that…

  31. All vegetables are carbs

  32. Great video and good content. And people still be talking shit. Smh

  33. Impressive. This shows you can still eat healthy when on a budget. No excuses anymore.

  34. 50$ for a week of cutting. Mate, you spent 50$ too much. 0$, 0 calories, 100% cutting haha

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