7 Easy Low Carb Dinner Recipes + My KETO WEIGHT LOSS Journey Vlog

7 Easy Low Carb Dinner Recipes + My KETO WEIGHT LOSS Journey Vlog

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7 Easy Low Carb Dinner Recipes + My KETO WEIGHT LOSS Journey Vlog

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  1. Thanks for sharing.  Great recipes.  I have been doing keto for seven years.  I like the mental clarity, high energy, reduced inflammation and appetite suppressant attributes.  I have a basic list of items delivered from Whole Foods twice a month.  I enjoy a plant-based keto lifestyle along with 18:6 intermittent fasting daily.  I have two well balanced meals daily over six hours.  I avoid fruits except berries, starches, grains, corn, sugar, soy and processed foods.  I have a list of nutrient dense healthy whole food staples but I will divert occasionally.  I keep it simple so I do not have to over think it.  Keep sharing and talking.  Cheers!

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