7 Recipes For Seafood Lovers

7 Recipes For Seafood Lovers

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  1. Most of these dishes would to be too expensive here. Plus where in India would I find cognac? I'll get them only at posh uptown shops only

  2. I don't like it but I love only fish's

  3. The lobsters looked like dicks

  4. Ramadan Mubarak to Muslims worldwide!!! May you be blessed, healthy and wealthy throughout the year 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  5. Al this recipes are from masterchef

  6. Idk how you guys can mix fish and cheese, its absolutely vile

  7. I just like watching this for fun

  8. the person who edited this video really thought this bgm was good huh …

  9. That Lobster Mac & cheese is not fancy.

  10. Why am i watching this am allergic to seafood

  11. I'm so hungry your torturing us 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Everything look so tasty

  12. Now I want to eat, oh how I want to eat! 😋😭

  13. Love seafood, but 'spensive AF here.

  14. One of these days I'll be brave enough to try making that Wellington

  15. When i sea food i always click

  16. Eating this much milk, cream and cheese would give me a hearnt burn for days

  17. The lobster mac and cheese was made by rie in the make it fancy series try watching it

  18. Why am ieven watching this? im allergic to seafood…. :/

  19. Sir every food is delicious,but bad thik is your process your don't mention your item name..

  20. Garlic shrimp bacon Alfredo gotta ask my mom to cook😋🤤

  21. Abg sajat nk kawen dgn si couchy tu tahun depan. Hmpa rasa perlu dilanyak x?

  22. Umm did they show the same receipe, lol

  23. Me encanta sus videos😋🍗🍲🍕🍔🍟🌭🍤🍦🍱🍣🍲🍜🍨🍧🍳

  24. The lobster Mac n cheese takes away the uniqueness of the expensive lobster it’s better to either barbaque it as a whole or something like that

  25. I wish i can eat that all😂😂

  26. the "oh yes" at the end scared me a little bit

  27. I am a sea food lover but…

    I don't like sea food

  28. Salmon butter garlic toast potatoes lobster rice butter milk pepper salt come seeming

  29. Hungry much!!😋😋

  30. I just wanna know why ya’ll keep on under cooking bacon. You guys have the heat up too high, burn the outside, and the inside is still under cooked. I just don’t understand. Are you eating half raw bacon for breakfast? Like c’mon put some pride into your work.

  31. Please post all ingredients in every recipe.Many thanks.

  32. 2:29 how do i make or found this cream

  33. I really like sea food , cause it tastes very good and it’s healthy as well ✌️

  34. Why am I watching this and I don’t even like seafood

  35. Is it me or does this music sound like a 13 reasons why track that gets you in your feels

  36. Vegans are shocked by this video

  37. Who else has none of these ingredients in their homes but still watches the video?

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