Hello everyone! Today I have 7 recipes with potato video!!! 🍟 Every recipe is delicious and super easy to make! But seriously DELICIOUSSS 😁

Let me know which one you crave more! 😋

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  1. I have a slow metabolism is potatoes good or great for me 🤔

  2. I can't thank you enough for sharing these seven recipes!!!! I so appreciate your time!!!!

  3. Exploding pyrex or anchor hocking glass baking pans on YouTube! Do a search. Make sure yours are borosilicate, not the new cheaper soda lime glass that the new U.S. manufacturers are selling.

  4. 2:31 .. 😂 Hi. Did you call me? 😂

  5. This comment section is passive aggressive as fuck 😂"no hate but I wanna lynch myself"

  6. My favorite was the ribeye steak recipe – medium rare

  7. It honestly wasn't that bad! Why are y'all getting mad at her for being HERSELF? Y'all need to chill! Enjoy the recipes 😛

  8. Also whenever she yells my ears start ringing FuCkkkkkkKKKkkkk

  9. Black olives in potato salad? This bitch is a little crazy

  10. Potato tacos 😍😍😍😍

  11. What is oop goyss

    Ali a heyeee

    And look at thaaat

    Dum dudu dum dudu dum dududum

  12. Omg i tried ur potatoe salad n wow we loved it its gonna be apart of our family recipe i actually added extra like muchroom chopped and ht pickle it was yummmy n i added a meat season salt

  13. You're crazy, but in a wonderful way! Great recipes.

  14. What is the green dip you paired with the potato turn overs? Thank you! Everything you make looks amazing I am just discovering you. I am a vegan cook myself and I do a few videos and recipes myself. I am in love with some of your recipes! They all look delicious and you make everything so easy and simple. Thank you!!

  15. You remind me of the actress from “like water for chocolate”. Very beautiful girl!

  16. omg with the freaking yelling

  17. Can't wait to make potato tacos.

  18. no quantities given so whole video is pointless

  19. The recipe is good but Your video is too noisy.

  20. Hi rawvana i love your chanel and gives me great vegan ideas all the time bur i have to ask how bad are your farts since all you eat are beans and greens all day

  21. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl Ima make all of these! Gracias!

  22. awww this video was so cute lol!! you kept me super entertained lmao!!!

  23. you are too cute, thanks for the entertainment. i love potatoes

  24. This was hilarious Yovanna…i just loved seeing this whitty & quirky side of you. Gotta let that lioness out from time to time 🤣😗

  25. The empanadas look great , definitely trying it

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