A Day In MY Life, Diet Tips, Workout Motivation

A Day In MY Life, Diet Tips, Workout Motivation

- in Diet Tips

Day 1 of 2! It’s about time I brought you along my day 😉


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  1. You can tell how genuine a person is in less than a minute. By the way they treat their animals/dog/cat.

    You girl are a beautiful person, and it shows how your dogs respect you, not fear you or super submissive towards you. The three of you are a pack!

    Btw your pitties they are adorable. Keep killing it girl you are on🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥

  2. they must be hungry eating carrots!

  3. So excited for the move! Good luck!

  4. You have become such a different person! I can see the glow the happiness everything looks really good! Xxxxxxxx peace love and joy!!!

  5. Such a beautiful person Jen! God bless !!! You are an inspiration! Keep achieving your goals and keep striving forward !! You are really cool!!!! Love from Auckland New Zealand !!

  6. I love your personality! You are so positive and funny and not afraid to be goofy!! CA is getting so expensive, I feel like everyone is moving 🙁 but change is good and you seem like your can handle anything girl!!

  7. Holy Cow! No way I live in Montana have for 8 years it's a stunning place to live ❤

  8. If you slice off a small snip on both ends of the zucchini (or whatever you want to spiralize), it will sit a whole lot more secure in the spikes 😉😁

  9. You really DO look the best you've ever looked…. at least from when I started watching you : ) Beautiful and so likeable as always though. We all love you Jen!

  10. PLEASE be careful on that trail. I got weird vibes watching you go down there lol. I'm sure your dogs will eat anybody who bothers you though lol. Be safe!

  11. New subscriber! Love your videos!

  12. I’m so excited that your moving here!!! You will love it! Im from MT and lived in the same small town for 29 years. So my whole life Lol. I live about an hour away from Kalispell MT right on the Idaho boarder. In two weeks I’ll also be moving to Kalispell Mt. Maybe that’s where your going too 😉

  13. I really like this day in the life vlog jen. It seems so relaxed and lovely.

    I think its fantastic how you have more time for yourself and that you paint! I cant remember the last time i painted… probably over 15 years ago at school… sad really how now to unwind we generally go to our electronics…

    I am always quite busy with work but i love the last half hour before i go to bed where i read. 😊

    I know i felt so much better, happier and relaxed when i went on holiday with NO tv or internet for 2 weeks. It was so great… just like the old days.

  14. Next time your in seattle please do a meet up!!!

  15. I love how you dont have music on these workouts, especially the nature ones. I love the sound of gravel and steps and such.

  16. I love your life. Can I just be you already? lol

  17. I’m so bummed you’re moving, I would’ve loved to meet you and I just moved to the area actually! 💕 but best wishes on the new adventure lady!!

  18. I wish I could do trail runs with my dogs without them running away haha

  19. I love watching you eat raw! It inspires me and gives me so many more ideas from just watching you make your meals. I've been incorporating more raw dishes in my diet because I realize how good it is for your body! Keep sharing your raw meals I love them <3

  20. I'm loving your new hair it is definitely for you!(:

  21. I agree w yr Lil sister!!!😊😎

  22. Such natural beauty!!! Love yr hair girly

  23. I love you and your fur family! <3

  24. You're such a strong independent woman…you inspire me SO much! I'm going through a really tough divorce right now. Seeing how you've been just fine on your own gives me hope that one day I will be too!

  25. So glad to see your face and hear your voice. You exude so much love and confidence!!!! Just curious, why are you choosing to go to Montana? <3 YOU!!!

  26. With the current state of our world 🙁 how do you feel about jogging solo on a trail, especially with headphones. No doubt you can take care of yourself, just curious on your views and opinions. Much love mamas!

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