A WEEK OF VEGAN LUNCHES | Super Easy Recipes!

A WEEK OF VEGAN LUNCHES | Super Easy Recipes!

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Hello friends! Thanks so much for watching, hope you enjoy this video 🙂

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  1. OMG. You fucking love potatoes

  2. I don't like the amount of potatoes you eat also the white bread triggered me

  3. you all commenting that she has big portions.. she's enjoying her food. everybody eats as much as he wants. if she wants to eat this much, she will eat this much bcs she wants

  4. I love your channel!! 💚 you make eating Vegan look so good and I will definitely be trying these recipes out.. Hi from Perth WA 😊

  5. Great great great recipes!!!

  6. Looove your videos 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥑

  7. Wow I'm so happy I finally found a vegan chanel that fits my apetite size… I used to feel scared of vegetarian/veganism because it is always connected to low carb diets and bird apetites, but your chanel is a blessing!!

  8. Everything looks delicious 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. Thank u for sharing this, what great lunches!! May I ask what brand of nutrional yeast u recommend? I'm going to have to order it, as I cannot find it anywhere near me. Thank u.

  10. Love all of these lunches! Subscribed!

  11. You are so creative. ❤️ all of the food look great as usual. 🙏

  12. Food looks amazing. I will be rolling if I eat so much. I am very short

  13. Oh my days what filter do you use on your videos I love your aesthetic it’s vibing 😍

  14. Are these recipes for one serving? One tin of beans or lentils plus 3 gigantic potatoes in one meal? How do you fit it in??

  15. These recipes look amazing. Thank you x

  16. Holy shit the Tuesday sandwich. Omggg.

  17. This is the first video of yours i've come across and i loved it! Aesthetically pleasing, unique recipes and fantastic editing! Subscribed for more :)! Vegan love from the UK!

  18. Omg that bean and potato on Sunday looks amazing!! 😀

  19. Yeah, but white bread (at the beginning of video)? Is it sourdough?

  20. All of these look delicious!! Can't wait to make the first one with all of those mashed potatoes!!

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