Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips From Dr. Andrew Weil

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips From Dr. Andrew Weil

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What you eat affects your body, all the way down to your white blood cells. Learn from Dr. Weil just how you can fight disease-causing inflammation with what you put on your dinner plate.


  1. There are so many "gurus" touting one miracle diet or another, whereas Dr. Weill's advice is well- balanced and sensible.

  2. Dr Weil has always said that as you age its ok to carry a little extra weight. He is not extremely overweight, he exercises and he eats healthy. He is obviously a healthy person, so no idea why people are fixated on this. This is part of what it wrong with the US. We obsess over outward appearance assuming it tells us everything we need to know about someones health.

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  7. That was a very interesting post, here are several tips on anti-inflammatory dietary supplements…
    Curcumin: Research has shown the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin can be as effective as pharmaceuticals, but without the negative effect of toxicity. This powerful antioxidant also supports joint health and cardiovascular function.
    Resveratrol: This extract found in red-wine helps to quell inflammation, regulate the malfunctioning immune response, and protect from cancer.
    Omega-3: Omega-3 fatty acids inhibit an enzyme called cyclooxygenase (COX), which triggers inflammation. Our fish oil is designed using emulsification technology that enhances absorption by the body.
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  8. "Whole-grain" diet is the biggest fallacy in nutritional world! Grain's bran is loaded with Phytic acid which is an anti-nutrient! They bind with minerals in your body and made them unavailable for your cells and get excreted in your urine and stool.

    This why we have a tradition of Soaking and Sprouting grains before consumption, do you think the Whole grains (bread) you buy from the store soaked and spouted???

  9. She looks VEGAN 🙂

  10. The background noises are very bothersome to me

  11. eating quinoa, salmon & sweet potatoes doesn't make you fat, it's all about the portions- I do disagree about adding other oils to your diet(with the exception of possibly a good fish oil or flax seed oil supplement, organic).

  12. …i can't concentrate on the subject. her beauty is capturing all my senses….:-)

  13. So depressing that people are concentrating more on the appearance of the doctor than what he's saying. Yes, he's a fat bastard but the advice he's giving is sound.

  14. Dr. Weil looks like he is obese.

    I would think following his diet would make you as fat too?

  15. Whose idea was it to film in front of a very busy loud area – I can barely here what he is saying…

  16. And Aspartame is in most regular chewing gum

  17. And Aspartame is in most diet soft drinks

  18. Avoid Sweeteners like Aspartame and Saccharine

  19. Turmeric cayenne and paprika are good for overall general health

  20. Ginger is great for high cholesterol aswell

  21. Ginger is great for inflammation

  22. About the other comments, I think Dr. Weil looks great!  Great doesn't mean what far too many define as "good" in the sense of being a bean rail!   

  23. I've ALWAYS had inflammatory problems.  Recently I went to a retreat where they spoke about adding certain things to your diet and one was a ginger elixer – ginger, lemon juice, honey and pepper.  Honestly, it has transformed my life!  I can see the difference when I skip even a day.  Honestly, adding ginger really did make the difference.    

  24. The guy is over weight and telling you to eat grains. The most prevalent grain in our foods is gmo, gluten gliadin, phytic acid, lectine,
    Insulin spiking garbage. You DO not want to it this garbage, do your research.

  25. The Doctor liked the girl alot!!

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  28. they should have just filmed this in a train station… too loud!

  29. All this spam in the comments start to get really annoying on youtube.

  30. 1:42 What is yellow spice? Is there an official name for it?

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  42. he doesnt look healthy or is skinny

  43. A quack is a deliberate fraud. This guy is simply not up to date on a lot of nutritional information. Dangerously misleading, but not a quack.

  44. this guy is a quack, recommending grains and carbs. Gary Taubes (science writer specializing in nutrition science, look him up) would eat this guy alive.

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