Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Breakfast Strawberry Smoothie

Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Breakfast Strawberry Smoothie

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In partnership with FaveDiets ( ) recipe site, I wanted to respond with another breakfast suggestion or frankly a drink you could have in between meals as a snack or recovery drink. You will have to be at Ongoing Weight Loss phase though to have this drink.
Feel free to change up the fruit to your liking. Blueberries which are slightly higher carb are also a great addition. A high quality zero carb whey protein powder would also reduce the overall carbs as well.

I’ll be making an upcoming video on yogurt, but this smoothie features a quarter cup of Greek plain yogurt, which is 9g of carbs for one cup. Compare this amount to regular plain yogurt that is between 16-25g of carbohydrates per cup.

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4 Strawberries, partially frozen
1/4 cup yogurt
1 cup almond milk
2 TBS Ground Flax
1 scoop Vanilla Whey Powder
2 drops liquid Splenda or one packet

Blend until smooth.

Nutrition Info: (1 serving)
250 Calories; 7g Fat, 12g Carbs (6g Fiber), 35g Protein

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  1. My friends I'd like to add something don't use the yogurt because the yogurt is 6 grams of sugar all yogurt have sugar in it it's hard to find anything on the market that's high protein and zero sugar why they don't make it with Splenda at least is beyond me ignorance is all I can think of. Here's a better idea I use sour cream by Daisy.. it's like one gram or 0 grams so I mean really isn't that what yogurt is anyway? So they can do 0 carbs for sour cream but they can't do it for yogurt?? 😘

  2. where's my problem was no one can help me with here I did have a tummy tuck but if you keep losing weight remember this it's very expensive to have the skin removed and in many cases is the insurance company still will not pay they will pay if you have surgery the Nazi surgery and have a sleeve done but they will not cover you otherwise it's very hard to get a surgeon to word it so that they will cover it and we are left with inner thighs hanging fat on our butts that needs to be removed and it's just a nasty situation America right now has no healthcare it is all corporate and Rich doctors needing to make more and more and more profit we are the pigs and they are the pig farmers. So if you want to get your body fixed you better make sure you have a good job because most instances you're on your own so what's the use in losing weight so you can walk around with skin hanging under your arms like an animal the way you can have a sexual or social life? I think this diet is good but having also 167 pounds on it myself plus 50 I can tell you that it leaves the skin sagging worse than if you were on a diet like weight watchers and you lost two or three pounds a month so be prepared for that

  3. what book did u get for them shake they have a lot of books on atkins

  4. I don't know what happened to this guy, because he hasn't done anymore videos for years. I hope he is not dead.

  5. I liked the flax seed idea!

  6. What type of whey powder are you using in this video? Hope you start making videos again soon. Just found your channel, think it's great. Hope you're still having success following Atkins.

  7. What kind of blender thing are you using and how much and where you boughtit?

  8. So this should be OK for after the induction. If I remember correctly after that you can start introducing berries back in to your diet which is great. Thanks for the video. Some people are just haters and need to post negativity where ever they go. What's that saying….If you can't say anything nice then keep your trap shut!! Again Thank you!!

  9. wow my spelling suckt on that post sorry lol auto spell his:)

  10. thank you for all of your videos I have been up abd down going from 300 Ibs to cute150 Ibs to220 and now bk on low carb its the only thing I can stick to I have been waching you for years and I thank you for helping so many ppl trying to loos like my self .. high five 🙂

  11. Hey don't listen to her. This is a great smoothie and congrats on losing all that weight. I don't really like yogurt so what would the macros be if i don't add any yogurt to it?

  12. I think were all missing the elephant in the room. This guy isn't in the kind of shape that I'm looking for, so I'm not sure why anyone else is taking this seriously…

  13. I would think the strawberries, and yogurt would be not allowed in induction.

  14. Better off to not nuke the strawberries. It makes me shake thicker and colder. I also add 3 cups of water and tablespoon of walnuts. Also great to add a handful of spinach that you can't even taste!

  15. Is the yogurt allowed for induction?

  16. Just remember to think breakfast is not just the typical breakfast foods. It includes other items like leftovers or simple meals that might typically be for lunch or supper, but I will be releasing another breakfast video soon.

  17. This is great! I wish you could post more breaksfast recipes. Thank you Bowulf!

  18. I never have time for breakfast so this is going to be very helpful on the days I'm in a rush.

    Anyone with back/neck problems knows its hard to do ab workouts on the ground. We created a machine that solves this problem, check it out at theabstand*net and try it for $14.95 + free shipping.

  19. No berries, greek yogurt, and whey protein powder are all OWL foods. I will list all the recipes Induction Friendly with (IF) in their titles of the video.

  20. Stevia is ok on Induction. I have not heard of anyone having their blood sugars affected by it, but it is still limited to the 3x per day for all sweeteners.

  21. yes ofc after induction! and after i start working out seriously i can use some of these fruits!:) thank you (although it's been almost a month that i've been in induction and i'm ind of enjoying the no cravings phase! gym is coming up in January.oh i wanted to ask, is liquid stevia only after induction?i'm not using it but was wandering if it effects blood sugar in any way.

  22. You can certainly add cocoa powder, but berries on Induction would be off-limits. After Induction, as long as they fit the rung you are at and can handle the carbs you can certainly use them.

  23. i would like to add a tbs of unsweetened cocoa powder in there <3 i don't go crazy over too much sweetness but a hint of sweetness from the berries with the bitterness of the cocoa…yum! do you recommend it?

  24. No Dutch, or more specifically, my grandparents immigrated from Friesland to be exact.

  25. Just to boost the protein content of the recipe, and thereby helping the overall glycemic index since the protein helps delay the digestion of the carbs.

  26. wat do you use the whey for? just curious

  27. Regular milk is much higher in carbs. Depends on what your 1% milk yogurt has in it. Is it with added sugars or not? Check the ingredient label.

  28. Can we use regular milk? Also not having Greek Yogurt right now -wll regular organic 1 % milk yogurt do?

  29. Yes, I warmed up the frozen berries in the microwave.

  30. he radiated the berries in a microwave?

  31. When you spend the rest of your day low carb, you might want to start that way as well.

    As for the reasons why to low carb, I would suggest blood sugar normalization, weight loss, health benefits like reducing one's heart risk factors, and bountiful energy among other things.

  32. When you spend the rest of your day low carb, you might want to start that way as well.

    As for the reasons why to low carb, I would suggest blood sugar normalization, weight loss, health benefits like reducing one's heart risk factors, and bountiful energy among other things.

  33. Not the unsweetened stuff. It is roughly 2g net carbs per 8 oz.

  34. That's a Ninja blending system that we got for Christmas from my in laws. I think they did infomercials on them, and they got a second system that they gifted to us.

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