Bed Time Drink To Lose Belly Fat in a Week

Bed Time Drink To Lose Belly Fat in a Week

This Bed time drink to lose belly fat in a week helps in reducing the unwanted fat from our body while we are sleeping and flushes out toxins from our body.
This drink also helps in boosting our immune system.

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1. Ginger
2. Lemon
3. Cucumber
4. Parsley or Coriander or Cilantro


Grate the ginger and mix all ingredients in a glass of water and blend them together to get a green juice.

Drink this before bed time for a flat tummy.

➤➤Note:- All the videos and recipes shown in this channel are not responsible for any side effects caused. Please consult a doctor before following any diet or drink to lose weight.

➤➤Stay Fit and Stay Healthy.

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  1. very true, work magic not only belle fat but for weight loss. thanks for sharing the video'

  2. I’m currently drinking this for the first time while looking through the comments. Let me just say
    It tastes awful
    At least that’s what my tastebuds say

  3. Can we use it without cilantro

  4. .hi I'm slim but I just have a bloated stomach …can I take this to have a flat tummy

  5. Hi Every One,
    Thanks for liking this video a lot. I will come up with more such videos soon.
    Subscribe Here for FREE–
    Help me reach 1 lakh subscribers..😀
    Stay Fit and Stay Healthy 😍💪

  6. Can we drink this while doing intermittent fasting before sleep at night.?

  7. Night ko pina h ya morning ko

  8. Any side effects for before marriage

  9. I used Celery instead of Coriander, is it going to work the same?

  10. Can i use mint & coriander??

  11. Can I use mint instead of coriander

  12. Where can we buy coriander?

  13. Are there any side effects to this drink. And what if I stop taking this drink? Will I regain my weight if lost?

  14. Kiya hum isko subha sham ly skty

  15. How much we have to drink before sleep?

  16. Can v skip ginger and lemon

  17. It works just like anything

  18. Thank you so much sir for uploading this video its very usefull👍keep it up

  19. Can u store it in the fridge for about 2 hours before drinking this?

  20. Wonderful yaar it has been only 2days and i lost 1 kg

  21. I v sugar craving..what should i take as a complimentary

  22. I don’t use pls tell me loose fat drink without lemon..

  23. My dentist recommended me that I could not (eat sour foodor fizzy drinks) drink lemon juice as acid creates more problems in my tooths because I have tooth decaying problems and my tooths enamel has gone because, in pregnancy time I vomited a lot. So if I avoid to add lemon juice still this drink will work for me to reduce my weight. Thank you. Hare Krishna! !

  24. Can i add coconut water to it…?

  25. Half lemon can we use or full one lemon we shuld take

  26. I promise you this works! My stomach was literally a size 38" within a matter of 4 days with doing this every night, staying away from sweets, sugars and sodas, doing 50 crunches a night. My belly now is a size 34" within 4 days. My goal is to get to a size 26" waist for the summer time. Good luck everyone. You can do it!!!!!

  27. Do i need to drink this at night alone? Or togeder with meals?

  28. Can i use ginger powder instead ?

  29. I loose 3 kg in 3 days thanku so much , best drink for detox 😍😍😍 but also I do workout everyday 💪, and my diet is Completely healthy

  30. Thank you for sharing, Love it

  31. I will try it today and let you know later.

  32. can a 17 year old girl consume this drink?

  33. Does this drink detox the body?

  34. 1 glass or 1/2 glass of juice to be consumed before sleep? Plz tell

  35. Can we have it as a morning drink?

  36. Na vomit yeduthutta very bad taste

  37. If I drink this before bedtime I will have too pee all night.

  38. Can we directly use juicer instead of putting in blender and filtering ?

  39. sir one question can we have in day time and can we eat some food
    please tell me sir

  40. Can I add honey to this

  41. What if i dont have ginger

  42. Who else went directly to d comments b for watching d video…. So many positive comments…. Will definitely try it

  43. Sir it vil take at night tym ahh
    And after dinner we take ahh
    So answer….😊

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