Bedtime Drink to Remove Belly Fat in a Single Night

Bedtime Drink to Remove Belly Fat in a Single Night

How to deal with that extra pound around the waist? We’ve found a simple way to lose belly fat in a single night. No more dieting, no more exercising – meet a magical bedtime drink!

How to deal with that extra pound around the waist? What to do to remove toxins from your body? How to improve metabolism and become more energetic? We’ve found a perfect solution to all of these problems.

Introduction 0:15
Why excess weight is harmful to health 1:25
Help your body to detox 2:35
Other benefits of this drink 3:40
Ingredients you’ll need to prepare the drink 4:03
A lemon 4:16
A cucumber 5:05
Ginger 5:55
Aloe Vera Juice 6:34
A bunch of parsley 7:02
How to make it 7:54

– We will tell you a recipe for a detoxing drink that will rid you of this stubborn belly fat within one week! Not only is it healthy and effective, but it is also delicious! What is more, it is easy to prepare: just put all the ingredients in a blender and press the button!
And if you combine taking this drink on a regular basis and doing the exercise known as a vacuum pose – get ready for a miracle! The drink will work on removing the excess of water from your body, and the exercise will sculpt the shape of your stomach.
– Put all the products into a blender, and grind them at high speed. You can stop when you have homogeneous juice inside the bowl.
Drink it before going to bed, and already in a few days, you will start to notice the changes occurring in your body. Better complexion, energy flow, and of course, disappearing inches around your waist will be your reward!

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  1. Hey there, what's YOUR bedtime drink?

  2. Who scrolling to see if it works

  3. Is this really affective.. Anyone tested it?

  4. Keto pure + Apple Cider Vinegar is more effect.

  5. I added fresh blended avocado 🥑 seed and it made a thick shake but I woke up totally flat Belley and looked like tiny waist

  6. Seems like an awefull lot to consume before bed! Blend a whole lemon with all that parsely, etc…would make me have a stomach ache all night. I thought you were going to say to consume 6 oz of it as a tea! Is this right…a whole lemon, peel and all, a bunch of parsly, and how much of the grated ginger? Come on and do a real quantities…or its useless.

  7. seen this drink advertised on another channel on youtube and I am starting this drink tomorrow. All going well with my health, you see, I am classed as severely disabled and in so much pain all the time. And this mixture, (add lime as well, only the juice of one lime), and hey presto, A real, magical drink finally.

  8. Half a glass of normal water or warm water ?…..pleae clarify

  9. Im skinny but i feel the effect that described

  10. I've been drinking this after a 1-hour workout for about a week now. I also add 2 TBSP of whey protein powder for muscle health and recovery, and sometimes 1/4 cup of kefir for an extra extra boost of probiotics and protein… I've lost almost 5 lbs, so yeah this works…. however, only if you pair it with CONSISTENT physical activity and avoid processed foods and refined sugar. I tried it before without making any lifestyle changes and it just did not work. But if you stay active and eat well, this WILL work for you!!

  11. I hate this kind of videos. Talking non stop nonsense, I minute of information made into 10 minutes. 😡

  12. Everyone please stop eating wheat and dairy products.


  14. 4:03 Such a lovely video…. But darling, fasten and speed up have very different meanings. Please look it up. Little grammatical errors can make you come across as less professional.

  15. How much do you drink 1 cup?

  16. Many people are looking to see if it worked for other people. I looked for it too. Anyway, I tired it the first time last night. It tasted awful. And this morning? My belly/waist measurement was 0.5" more than yesterday. I still have material for three more nights. Will see.

  17. For all those that don't want to sit through all the blah blah blah the Recipe starts at 4:15 It's half a glass of water. A Lemon, Cucumber, Ginger. Aloe vera and Parsley.

  18. So you throw a whole lemon and cucumber with skin and everything into the blender?

  19. 8 bunches of parsley.. Are you serious? 8 bunches?

  20. bright side is full of lies lol it takes more than one night according to the video.

  21. Have u tried this or tested yourself, does this really works?

  22. Now does this work for men???

  23. Tried this tonight! Keep you all posted

  24. Can you drink this in the morning

  25. Past the drama. Straight to the drink @ 3:18. Amazing info. Thank you.

  26. Is alovera gel and alovera juice the same?

  27. do you peel the lemon and cucumber

  28. Who was counting how many times they asked for a thumbs up? I was I’m so easily distracted lol 😂

  29. Cucumbers are great ! Sometimes I cut up 3 to 4 of them and eat throughout the day . Very fulfilling. I drink plenty of water. It's hard for us truck drivers to eat healthy on the road.
    A healthy drink I sometimes make in the mornings is
    3 to 4 celery sticks
    1 garlic clove
    Tbsp cayenne pepper (give or take)
    Tbsp pumpkin seeds
    Chai seeds
    Flax seeds
    1 banana
    Sometimes I add a half cup frozen fruit
    8 to 16 oz water
    It taste amazing & gives me that burst of energy
    Occasionally I add plant based protein & beets powder if I'm going to drink throughout the day. Or meal replacement.

  30. Who else is scrolling down the comments to see if it works ? 😂

  31. Can I skip aloe vera juice

  32. How much days it take ????????? Guys

  33. For how long you have to do this? A week? Two weeks? or forever? Please respond back as soon as you can.

  34. Aa listen aloevera juice
    Can we use natural aloe vera
    Ans me

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