Beginner's Workout Routine + Diet Tips

Beginner's Workout Routine + Diet Tips

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Part 2 of the beginners workout routine and dieting tips for those who are trying to get back into the gym! I hope this gets you motivated to start working out again! (This routine is perfect for guys AND girls!)

Beginner’s Workout Routine & Essentials Part 1:

Original Salad Recipe:…
Sandwich Recipe:…

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  1. Should I try using dumbbells before a bar?

  2. You look like Hector Bellerin! Lol great vid btw 👍🏽

  3. Hey bro I hope your still there just wanted to say if I were t do this for 3 months straight would it really help me shred or lose weight ?

  4. Good effort! for giving a beginners routine to those who wants to go back in gym and being motivated, very straight forward !!
    i dont want a big muscle.I only wanted a toned muscle and and abdomen abs,. thanks for the tutorial

  5. What does he mean by
    3 sets – 15-20

  6. Ugh day two of week 2 and I have to remember that I'm just working legs. No need to whine about being exhausted and sore cause my chest and shoulders won't get any abuse.

  7. So I didn't know where to start planning a workout plan. Thanks man!

  8. Thanks so much for these videos! if you can I would love a week 5 and beyond!

  9. i will warm up first , ? and how ? jugging ?

  10. i understand this guy is trying to help people but i would recommend that training program for women. Throw those meals out the window. First you have to establish if you're skinny and want to pack on muscle or are you heavy and want to slim down. What are your goals? If you are skinny, focus more on heavy lifting 8-12 reps per set and eat everything in sight!! Lots of beef and chicken and rice. If you're heavy and want to slim stick to a low carb diet and acually, the salad in this video would be perfect for all meals, if you can handle it. Lift heavy and and keep your reps bewteen 10-15 per set. Lastly, i can't stress enough how important good form and full range of motion are. Do not focus on the amount of weight everyone else is doing. there is no standard for how much someone should be able to lift. If you try to lift too much you will just hurt your shoulders and cause long term damage. Weigh lifting is a marathon not a sprint. And don't assume every guy in the gym or girl who is in good shape is arrogant. i used to be intimidated by these people. But these people are some of the nicest people in the gym. You have to figure these people have been going at it for a few years and have to keep it interesting, and it is their life. And they love to talk about weightlifting. So don't be afraid to ask them questions and ask for tips. This way you make friends at the gym and get useful information.

  11. Very useful video
    Thank you very much

  12. Bro you look like zlatan ibrahimovic

  13. can u speak little slower ? :p

  14. Hey so I'm just getting into working out and I was wondering do I start over on week one after week 4? Or what do I do! Thank you

  15. bro your form on every workout is wild. don't hurt urself man, seriously

  16. Do you even lift,bruhhhhh 😂

  17. You should make more of these! 😊

  18. HEY FAM!!! If you want to see Alex all dressed up and dancing in a vlog, retweet my tweet here: BECAUSE he said with 2,000 retweets he will accompany me to my senior ball 🙂 if you could help out that would be great!!!

  19. You look like youngaryoak

  20. I can watch this over and over😍😍 I love you Alex!

  21. Could you make a video on how you style your hair? When it's let down? <3

  22. you should go vegan

  23. Hey Alex back it again with the white vans 👟

  24. Please NEVER cut your hair short!

  25. Is he still dating Mia?

  26. why is Alex so pretty D; WHAT IS THIS

  27. do you even lift, bruhhhhhhh

  28. Do u even lift bruhhhh????

  29. Hi Alex loved your video because I wanted to start working out and this inspired me to do it. I was wondering because I wanna do it but I wanna loose weight and gain some muscle. What do you recommend me. Thanks ☺️

  30. Ay ay! Thank you RashRashnu! Allright Alex, really appreciate your work tho man! hope we meet someday thanks for your channel and everything, see ya next time! 🙂

  31. "do you even lift, bruhhhhh"

  32. Those dance moves tho!!! Lol

  33. Loving the workout videos!

  34. Do you even lift, bruhhhhhhhhhh ??

  35. do you even lift, bruhhhhhhh 😉

  36. Very good video! ☺️

  37. About to start working out but I'm still trying to get into a workout routine so thank you Alex for this video it helped a lot!

  38. you're just 😍😍😍

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