Best Diet Tips for Depression | Saattvik, Rajsik or Tamsik Diet Balancing | Do’s and Don’t

Best Diet Tips for Depression | Saattvik, Rajsik or Tamsik Diet Balancing | Do’s and Don’t

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We are what we eat, the quality of food we eat is more important that anything, once on your lips is forever on your hips means the food we eat becomes a part of our body so eat haelthy and sty fit.
There are mainly three types of food Sattvik, Rajsik and Tamsik according to ayurveda, if we eat more tamsik or rajsik food than Sattvik food then our mind becomes stressful.
In this video Nityashree explained Best Diet Tips for Depression | Saattvik, Rajsik or Tamsik Diet Balancing | Do’s and Don’t in diet in the case of Depression, anxiety, stress and other mental diseases.
once you’ll start following these diet tips you’ll say these are the Best diet tips for depression. After watching this video if you have some query and questions, please leave comment below. We will forward your query to Nityanandam Shree.

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If you have been frustrated with your life. If you did not find what you wanted from your life. If you are surrounded by negativity in your life. And if you do not know your destination or goal. If you have become a victim of depression and there is no way to get out of it. then follow this natural remedy of depression.

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In next episodes of samvaad Nityashree will also teach you Yoga for depression, role of ayurveda in Depression Management, Depression Management tips and many more.

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  2. Aap jo keh re hain vhi sb krti hain vo chai piti hain bhot basi hi khana psnd krti hain chidchidi rhti h negative rhti hain.

  3. Sir meri maa dipression me hain 9 sal se papa expire hone k bad me 20 sal ki hu unko kai dr .pr dikhaya sb yhi bolte hain lyftime dwa khani pdegi.vo kuch bhi krne k lie tyr nhi hotin .bhot bola phir bhi

  4. Excellent video . You are blessed with divine knowledge that Mind is the one that creates, manages and destroys. Thanks for sharing the video.

  5. Swami ji …Aapki baatein sunke hi rona aa gaya …But bahut himmat mili hai ..Shayad main thik ho jau…Bhagwan aapko sukhi,nirog aur lambi aayu de …
    Namaskar ..

  6. Or muje lgatahe ki log bat bht par muje ku6 khetehe

  7. गुरुजी आपकी आवाज से ही शांति मिल जाती हे।ओम।

  8. guruji mai to bachpan se hi vegetarian hu

  9. guru maharaj Ji me bhi dedh sal se depression me aa gaya hu puri baat to batani Bhot lambi Ho jayegi isilye aap sirf mujhe ye batadijiye jo me ye thaili wala dood pita hu roz jaise ki mother dairy vagera ka to ye pina roz mere liye thik hai? anxiety me? plz javab zaroor dijiyega

  10. guru maharaj Ji Bhot achi Vedio hai apki very nice and I'm professional musician 😊😊Sir mujhe dood pina pasand hai roz or pita bhi hu🙏

  11. Finding you is like a bless. 🙏

  12. God bless you guruji.i mean it. there are no short cuts in your teachings which is difficult to follow but really effective. to listen you is itself motivating.

  13. Kya depression hereditary hota hai??

  14. Sawamiji Saptpardi ka upyog kya h

  15. Dono me bahut hi gussa hai

  16. Music suno to b gussa karta hai bandh karva deta hai

  17. Nature me jane ki baat kare to b galat lagta hai unko

  18. Guru ji Muje chest pain hotii ha depression sa

  19. गुरु जी आपके बाल बहुत काले हैं इनका क्या राज है ?

  20. Maine apke all video dekhe hai …mujhe Lagta hai k mujhe genetic OCD & depression hai …Mai 2 yr tk medicine liya tha ab apki btayi hui Ayurvedic dawa leta hu akhrot badam k milk me ghot k aur saraswata rist sb krta hu meditation v krta hu daily 2 hr fir v lgta h k Mai thk ni h paunga Mai roj darta hu ..bahut ghabrahat Hoti h m mar jaunga guru g mera kch upay btaiye …m bahut prblm m hu …m thought k always watch krta hu jsse m thk v rhta hu but suddenly ghabrahat hone lgti h …m kya Kru kch smjh ni aa rha …pls kch btaiye aap …m bank po k preparation krta hu m life m bahut kch krna chahta hu but aise unlimited thought ayenge to m kya kr paunga …guru g aap guide kriye …mujhe bachpan se hi ye prblm h but av 2 yr se pta chala h mujhe

  21. स्वामी जी मन को वश केसे करे

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