Best Foods for Cirrhosis | Healthy Recipes

Best Foods for Cirrhosis | Healthy Recipes

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Be it any condition, a healthy diet is a road to fast recovery. Watch this video for some quick and easy recipes to help you recover from Cirrhosis!



Cirrhosis is a progressive liver disease. t refers to the hardening and scarring of the liver tissues that occurs when the liver suffers from some prolonged damage.

Symptoms to look for:

• Nausea, fatigue, jaundice, weight loss & loss of appetite
• Itching & swelling in legs



• Prolonged damage to the liver
• Chronic alcohol consumption
• Hepatitis, fatty liver
• Build-up of excess iron or copper


Food groups to consume in cirrhosis:

1. One should avoid meat, poultry & rely on plant proteins for

Foods to consume: Proteins beans, peas, lentils, tofu and dairy products like milk, yogurt and cottage cheese.

2. Carbohydrates: They ensure body has sufficient energy

Foods to consume: potatoes, rice, wheat, sweet potatoes, , apples, bananas and dried fruits like kiwis, prunes & dates

3. Vitamin E: Softens scar tissue and improves blood flow to

Foods to consume: spinach, kale, red bell peppers, broccoli, apricots, peanuts, pine nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds


Recipes based on the above food groups:

Recipe 1: Pasta

1. Add 5 cups of water in a big vessel
2. Now add 250 g wheat pasta in it
3. Also add 2 cups of broccoli florets
4. Add some salt and 1 tsp sunflower oil in it
5. Let it boil for about 15 min till the pasta and broccoli become

Before draining the pasta, reserve 1 cup of water in which the
pasta is boiled

6. Now drain the pasta & broccoli and keep aside
7. Heat 1 tbsp vegetable oil in a pan
8. Add 3 finely chopped garlic cloves
9. Sauté this till the garlic turns golden brown
10. Now add the boiled pasta and broccoli
11. Stir well and add 2 tbsp red pasta sauce in this

You can make this sauce at home putting together some fresh tomatoes, basil & other herbs

12. Add the reserved pasta water
13. Stir well
14. Add some salt and pepper to taste
15. Finally add 2 tbsp grated parmesan cheese in it
16. Mix all this well and remove in a serving dish
17. Garnish with some olive oil and parmesan cheese
18. Your pasta is ready to serve

Recipe 2: Potato salad

1. Boil and dice 8-10 potatoes
2. Add these to a bowl
3. Add 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
4. Mix this well
5. Let it marinate sit for about 5 minutes.
6. Then add 1 tbsp finely chopped spring onion to it
7. Also add 1 tbsp finely chopped parsley
8. Add 1 tsp olive oil
9. Add some salt and pepper to salt
10. Toss it well before serving



• Reduce amount of total fat in diet
• Reduce amount of salt in diet
• Avoid intake of caffeinated drinks






The above recipes have been developed in consultation with a nutritionist. However, these are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. Consult your physician before adopting the suggestions in this video, as well as about any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Refer to the terms of use on our website


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  2. Bitch is retarded you'll kill all the liver patients with this shit you preparing

  3. यह लेडी मरवा देगी पेशेन्ट को उल्टा पूल्टा डाईट प्लान बताकर।मेरा सब से अनुरोध है की इस लेडी जो डाइट प्लान बता रही है वह डाइट प्लान कोई भी कभी भी फलो न करें अन्यथा पछतावा के अलावा और कुछ भी नहीं बचेगा लाईफ में।

  4. Wow, best recipe to die.

  5. My father in law had liver cirrhosis since 2013. He took several allopathic medications but got no relief. Now he is taking liver care pack from planet Ayurveda and it shows good results.

  6. SODIUM 2,500MG r u for real.

  7. Wheat is not good for liver eather, or meats, it has hormones in it and most foods isn't labeled saying if it is non-gmo and if it is it usely isn't certified and gotta be careful when u buy organic cause some dosent have it's certified stamps eather, so make sure u know what ur buying before u buy it, also milk products and some fish is bad for you also

  8. totally wrong n misguiding video .. should b removed 😈

  9. I thought we’re not supposed to have pasta

  10. Just look for Woo&Pep diet. There is all you need about diet 🙂

  11. First she needs to learn the depth of cirrhosis disease ! And what stage she is talking about …..good luck ..

  12. You are giving people bad information…any concentrated non complex carbs as well as dairy will exasperate liver cirrosis… Trust me I know… I recovered and pasta gluten free or not is concentrated flour… Hits the disfunctional liver and turns to sugar then turns to fat…

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  17. Fatty/damaged liver often includes insulin resistance- which I have. How can you recommend so many highly glycemic carbohydrates that will further elevate blood sugar levels?

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  22. What about fruit,ie Blueberries strawberries,and coffee it has caffeine. I heard coffee helps?

  23. My husband can only have 2000 mg of salt a day. Your pasta recipe contains 2000 mg.

  24. Sodium over 1500MG Makes Liver Disease worse. No more then 1500mg a day you have cirhossis. Approximately 500mg a day is needed to function properly. The lower to this number the better you will be. My Doctor has me on this diet to keep fluid down aswell help the liver. Also foods like Miso Soup, Homemade Lemonade and Veggies aswell Fish and Almonds with chest nuts will help. Also stay with white meat and not white meat. Red meat is bad for liver and heart.

  25. I'm sure the best diet instruction is on Woo&Pep. I just love it !

  26. Thank you very much for the best and quick way to get the best and seems delicious food for people who are having liver disease . We will follow your guide . God bleed you be successful.

  27. Ahh Coffee is recommended and great for people with Cirrhosis. You may need to google that as caffeine has been linked to a lower incidence of HCC- Heptocellular Liver cancer. Google that.

  28. she was putting in salt your not supposed add or eat salt with this condition

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  30. Hi Miss. my friend has both liver and kidney problem and has diabetes. What vegetables are good for her?

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  32. OMG!!! Please someone help me. I'm so confused. Can a person with stage 4 cirrhosis w/hep c eat fish? I thought it was ok.

  33. Omg everyone knows Watermelon cures cirrhosis. Who made this video anyway.

  34. I find this video pretty misleading. There are several stages of Cirrhosis. IF one is to eat this at a later stage of cirrhosis, its going to make his condition worse. Main thing is to avoid preservatives, salt & oil especially. Boiled leafy vegetables and reduced poultry and no meat. I do like the front portion of the video though, it is pretty detailed. However, is this the "best" food for cirrhosis patients, I dont think so. Just my opinion.

  35. You can be born with Cirrhosis as well…And by the way sodium should be very at an all time minimum when you suffer from PSC, and other liver diseases, which includes Cirrhosis. Your specialist will give you the amount of you should consume depending on your test results.

    BTW this meal would be more suitable without the parmesan!

  36. not to be picky but the recipe presented uses the foods we are too avoid like salt and oil, I'm confused.

  37. thanks for the video I'm sure it will help me a lot 🙂

  38. "Best foods FOR cirrhosis"..That means If you want to get liver cirrhosis then eat these foods!!!
    Learn proper English

  39. Sodium Levels very high

  40. I'm having fatty liver, Nov 25 2015 I was diagnosed with it and since then about face on eating. I was at 8 sodas a day for 15 years. I stopped that and now eat, Alvarado, leafy veggies fruits no salt process foods and 3 glasses of water. Lemon, plus broccoli. It's been one week now. And my urine has returned to clear. And also my stools are returning to a long structured shape. But??…it's color is still not Brown, I was told becuase of amount of fiber in my system. I tested 260 cholesteral 170 triglyceride, and 54 percent protein in liver test. I have heard it takes 180 hours to get all soda out of system.
    One week later. I don't feel any better or any worse. But I am sticking to this diet. I have dropped sugar by 90 percent and also salt. Processed foods and artificial sweeteners. Now that I have ??done this it's amazing how much sugar is available we are surrounded by it… that I don't abuse it, and don't want it. I see it everywhere I go. Anyway…I hope that these diets help me improve.

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