Best Plant Based Superfood Breakfast of Champions: Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

Best Plant Based Superfood Breakfast of Champions: Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

Breakfast of Champions is a recipe that my hubby came up with. This is one of his favorite breakfasts and he has shared this recipe with many of our male friends with great success! Way to go, my champion hubby!

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  1. Starting the 1 week meal plan. Just had this for the first breakfast. SO GOOD! I could not believe how filling this was. Off to a great start

  2. Hello I need your help to answer a question I started a plant base diet a few weeks ago and i loVE IT. Just want to change up on breakfast other than steel cut oatmeal. I want to make this but what are Concountives? sorry for the typo

  3. This is so interesting, I'm considering transitioning to vegetarian. How much does your average meal cost? What is your weekly grocery run like?

  4. I have had that almost exactly for the last 5-6 years. Every 2nd day I stir in Green's Plus powdered Superfood. I respectfully suggest frozen berries inasmuch as they usually are fast frozen after harvest. (I hope.) ALWAYS use organic Strawberries. Regular strawberries are actually number one on the dirty dozen list. At the very least rinse your hard skinned berries in a sieve under cold water. Happy Breckying. CMJ

  5. It is recommended by nutritional experts that you soak chia seeds for 10-15 minutes before eating. Chia absorbs 10-15 times it's weight in liquid. Could cause intestinal problems in some people.

  6. I need something like this in my every morning life.

  7. Can't you wash the berries is they are not organic?

  8. I ran into problems with the cacao nibs, which I tried for the first time. They made my head spin for hours and I felt rather sick, so had to eliminate them. Darn, 'cause they were tasty too.

  9. I just tried this for the first time yesterday! It is soooooo good.

  10. That was at least 2 tablespoons lol

  11. How can fruit salad keep you full till lunchtime??

  12. Sounds great, But very high in sugars

  13. Accidentally encountered your videos, and I liked them, plus they helped enormously, especially where you have demonstrated your cabinet and fridge content. definitely helped me to figure out what I need to buy in order to have this lifestyle, so thank you so much!

  14. It REALLY is DELICIOUS! I made this and I enjoyed it. My only concern was the Cocoa Nibs. They taste horrible. LOL!

  15. I'd like to show her my daily intake of nuts because it's way different

  16. For those saying Organic is too expensive. Best way to wash your fruit and veg of those cancer causing pesticides is to soak it with water and apple cider vinegar for 20-30 minutes then rinse.

  17. That’s what i am talking about o ya !!!

  18. Is there a reason you shouldn't add oats?

  19. I do something very similar!

    1/2 cup oatmeal.. cooked
    Then I throw in a spoon full of…
    Shredded coconut
    Chopped nuts
    Chia seeds
    Ground flax
    Raw honey (yes, I know not plant based!)
    2 TBS powdered peanut butter (I take ADD meds and protein at breakfast helps the meds work better..helps the neurotransmitters 😉)
    1 bananna
    Or…and sometimes in addition to, frozen organic berries.

    I heat them up separate from my oatmeal. Sounds like a lot but I keep all the add ins in Mason jars on a shelf in my kitchen, so it only takes me about 5 min total to put together!

  20. Great recipe but please keep in mind everybody cannot afford organic. Therefore, getting regular berries it's fine as long as you wash them really good then you will be fine.

  21. Having this for breakfast right now. Yummy! Keep the delicious recipes coming. 🙂

  22. You are the Martha Stewart of Vegan cooking!

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