Burning Fat w/ Fat + Diet Tips w/ Dr. James DiNicolantonio

Burning Fat w/ Fat + Diet Tips w/ Dr. James DiNicolantonio

- in Diet Tips

Dr. James DiNicolantonio says all fats are not created equal metabolically within the body.

We caught up to explore fat metabolism in context of beta oxidation, insulin regulation and inflammation.

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————————————– Key Timestamps———————————-

04:52 Increase your salt intake when on a low carb/keto diet.
05:43 On a ketogenic diet, you may need 2 extra grams of sodium for the first week and an extra 1 gram long term.
07:18 Sugar and other drugs of abuse can be more addictive if you are not getting enough salt.
09:24 Low salt diets raise insulin levels and cause insulin resistance, a mechanism used by your body to help you retain salt in your kidneys.
11:40 Magnesium is better absorbed when it is dissolved in liquid.
13:47 Grass fed beef contains vitamin A, vitamin E and a fat called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).
16:51 Grass fed animals have more antioxidant enzymes in the meat, which reduces oxidation of the meat while it is ageing.
18:31 Cooking with vegetable oils can cause oxidation products.
22:54 Extracting oil from seeds requires hexane and chemical solvents.
24:32 Canola oil may be high in omega 3, but it is susceptible to oxidation. It is one of the worst fats to cook with.
25:15 Use pure extra virgin olive oil: know the source and be able to taste the pepperiness. Use organic and look for the source date. Get it in a dark glass bottle.
27:28 Extra virgin olive oil and also vinegar prevent much of the advanced glycation end products.
29:57 Thermic affect is the amount of calories required to digest food. .
31:45 Long chain omega 3s EPA and DHA turn on the genes that make you a better fat burner.
34:33 Oxidation of omega 3s is an alarm signal to your body.
35:51 When you brain cells are not saturated in omega 3s and DHA oxidizes, it turns on NRF-2 and antioxidant enzymes are upregulated.
37:08 Cancer can utilize omega 6 linoleic acid to feed its growth, but it cannot do this if you have high levels of omega 3s.
39:58 Krill oil is close to an omega 3 from food.
43:25 Prescription fish oils are ethyl ester.
47:55 Three to 4 grams of long chain omega as in fish oil, you can prevent sarcopenia.
54:09 A healthy linoleic acid is converted into GLA, gamma linoleic acid, then DGLA, dihomo gamma linoleic acid.
56:21 Hypothyroidism and age lowers delta 6 desaturase by about 50 percent.
56:57 Sixty percent of us are deficient in magnesium.
01:01:18 Anti-nutrients from plants, phytic acid and phytate are some of the strongest cancer inhibitors and vascular calcification inhibitors.
01:07:52 Exercise triggers autophagy and the creation of new mitochondria.
01:09:00 Mineral deficiencies cause insulin resistance.
01:11:43 Dr. DiNicolantonio supplements with 10 grams of glycine per day. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and a building block for collagen.


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    Does Extra Light Olive Oil have the same benefits as the Extra Virgin Olive Oil?
    My experience is the smoking point for extra virgin olive oil is a lower temperature than the extra light olive oil and thus with extra light olive oil I find my kitchen more pleasent due to less smoke.

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  27. The grass fed vs grass fed grass finished beef argument is weak at best. Its marketing mostly, the nutrition difference is not significant enough to warrant the additional cost. Benefits can easily be surpassed with quality lower priced beef and a couple affordable supplements and/or including other foods in your diet, that you should be consuming anyway that supply omega 3, A, E, K etc. This is the real debate that I think should be had.

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