Chewjitsu Podcast – Diet Tips & Live Q&A

Chewjitsu Podcast – Diet Tips & Live Q&A

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  1. I love your stuff, Chewy and always find it helpful. I'd love for you to take more of a deep dive into the science of a plant based diet and speak to that some more on the podcast. I've been fully plant-based, whole food for almost 2 years and have lost 60 lbs and feel great, but really do think the science is overwhelming. I wanted to suggest you check out Dr. Michael Greger's book, How Not to Die or the new book by Dr. Dean and Ann Ornish. Check out their recent conversation with Rich Roll:

  2. Sure SM7's are great mics, but they are low gain with high proximity effect, you have to turn them up and speak right into the mic.

  3. You should get some guests on and let them talk. Its mostly just you talking during this entire the podcast while the other dude just sits there. Not trying to be a dick, just giving some constructive criticism. A good podcast is usually people hanging out having a natural relaxed conversation, not just one guy talking at someone

  4. In Germany 🇩🇪 meat is so cheap and people still complain!!
    That’s why I love Italy 🇮🇹 the appreciate there food and spend a little more for there food and look on the quality

  5. Superchat will make you money but you have to have something like 1,000 total watch hours on your livestream and a couple other pre-requisites. Its so people can send you money basically.

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