Chickpea Salad Recipe | Weight Loss recipe | Healthy Salad for Diet |Salad Recipe | KabitasLifeStyle

Chickpea Salad Recipe | Weight Loss recipe | Healthy Salad for Diet |Salad Recipe | KabitasLifeStyle

Nutritious Salad for diet, Weight loss recipe, Healthy Salad Recipe for Diet, Chickpea salad recipe by kabitaslifestyle, Healthy Salad Recipe by kabitaskitchen

Preparation time-15 minutes

Soaked and boiled Chickpea- 1 Cup
(soak it overnight and boil it for 4-5
whistles on medium flame)
Green chilli-1
Cucumber-1/3 cup
Raddish(chopped)-1/4 cup
Capsicum(chopped)-1/4 cup
Cabbage(chopped)-1/3 cup
Chat masala powder-1/3 tsp
Black pepper powder-1/4 tsp
Salt to taste or 1/3 tsp

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  1. Mam can you please share various salad dressings for diet 😊

  2. bohat achi video ha
    hi from new york

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  4. Yummy very healthy salad

  5. Very nice…U r great kabita ji….

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    Best wishes.

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  8. Mam plz share a recipe of Weight gain also😁😁

  9. Very tasty and healthy recepie

  10. Mam ap moja bohat achi lgti hy or apki recepi bohat mazy mazy ki hoti hy

  11. Thnq mam… Keep posting such delicious n easy healthy recipes

  12. Very nice mam aloo bonda receipe batay na

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