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  1. Thumbs up for Autumn! Don't forgot to check out our mukbang after watching this video, featuring the pumpkin pasta bake:

  2. Great video Madeleine! Try creamy cauliflower blended soup with almond flakes above or broccoli soup with hazel.. Also is a great idea pasta with broccoli pesto and some grilled mushrooms. I recommended these recipes because I love the way you cook.

  3. What are the spices in the tins?

  4. I made the sweet potato soup on christmas eve while I was sick!! it was perfect! left out the coconut yogurt because they don't sell that where i live, but it didn't even need it!

  5. Can vouch that the sweet potato soup is heavenly 😍 just ate two bowls of it!

  6. Love the videos, your content really is helping my girlfriend who is trying to go vegan. Just wanna say I wouldn't mind having a completely video without the music whilst you cook maybe thats just me but just watching and listening to the base cooking is more my style at least. Much love regardless.

  7. I love your videos so much! So relaxing and makes me want to eat healthier. A little piece of advice for when you slide the ingredients off the cutting board with your knife: use the back of the blade to slide them off, not the part you chop with, or the blade will get dull. I didn't know this either until recently.

  8. I love that you tell us about additions you could do and things to alter the recipes. I struggle with this and find it very helpful! I found the water tip really useful too as I went through so much oil
    Only thing is I think the lip sync is out on this video?

  9. Your porridge recipe is a regular part of my breakfast lineup now (typically for Mon-Thur). I skip the cranberries and add some pumpkin and chia seeds instead. Genuinely love your recipes!

  10. This video felt so homey like I was watching a friend cooking not like your regular cooking channel with the camera in your face loved it

  11. Very nice recipes:-* hugs from Italy…

  12. I think that microwaving those squash for just 30 or 60 seconds will make them easier to peel.

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TEACHING ME TO MAKE CURRY! i am so in love! i made one the other night with potatoes and broccoli. it was amazing! <3 i love all these spices. i had never cooked with cinnamon and wow! they work so well all together. thanks for making this easy !!!!

  14. This video brought me to your channel, still one of my favs

  15. This video brought me to your channel, still one of my favs

  16. Love You Guys and ALL these Recipes + Your enchanting sweet Personality <3 Vegan Greets from Germany

  17. That bitch has a HUGE NOSE !

  18. I’m going to make ALL of these 😩😍

  19. How can i like this video more

  20. Do you have an all soups video im a soup fanatic …. especially with mushrooms

  21. Are all your recipes for 2 servings

  22. Oh my gosh. I am cooking this weekend so i can have delicious lunches for work. That pumpkin pasta is probably ending up in my belly on Thanksgiving. Thanks for such great videos. You and your BF are super sweet.

  23. What's that song called playing in the first recipe?

  24. I recently stumbled across your channel by chance and boy am i glad i did. Your recipes are so easy to follow and although i have only tried a handful of recipes so far, they have been absolutely delicious. One of my faves being the chickpea masala which really impressed my meat eating husband. Thank you so much. Keep doing what you're doing x

  25. Thank you so much for all of these. Great ideas =)

  26. 8:43 'Reduce the mushrooms down' lol

  27. Does somebody know why the "hearty autumn stew" must go in the oven for over 1hour? Couldn't I just let it sit on the stove for 30 minutes or so, until the potatoes are full cooked? What does it really change?

  28. what kind of blender do you use?

  29. Do you think it’s fine to leave out the onions and the garlic because I have some kinda intolerance 😬

  30. You two are such a cute couple🤣 And great video!♡

  31. What is the shade of lip color you are wearing in this video??? I love it!

  32. The last one….dear lord…i wish you could invite me to dinner

  33. Could I make the second dish with zucchini?

  34. Thank you for being my inspiration in lifestyle 🙂 I am a design student who stopped smoking and became a vegetarian 5 months ago and from that time I started to enjoy food more than ever before and I feel much better physically and also psychically 🙂 you are soooo creative and I really like your minimalism. You have beautiful energy in yourself and thank you for feeling it from all your videos, you are my favorite vlogger ❤

  35. Might be a silly question.. but can you just use less of the veg stock for the curry so it’s between soup and thick sauce ? 🙂

  36. Love the music. Could you give the song titles on Epidemic Sound?

  37. First time viewer… As soon as you started meal prepping I realized this was food porn.

  38. try to peel thyme the opposite way – it will help 😉

  39. Loved the video! I made the stew for a dinner party this past weekend and it was delicious! Everyone loved it and even had seconds 🙂 Thanks for sharing and can't wait to be inspired by more of your recipes!

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