Diet Hacks – Diet Motivation – Diet Tips and Tricks to Stay Focused

Diet Hacks – Diet Motivation – Diet Tips and Tricks to Stay Focused

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Hey ya’ll!!! Wanted to talk about some things that help me stay on track! I hope you like it and find it helpful!!
Love ya’ll!!!

Food Vlog with Recipes –

Eggroll in a Bowl recipe! 🙂

And these are some GREAT videos on minerals!!!

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  1. You always have such good information and ideas! Thank you for the inspiration! ♥♥♥

  2. wow u r a supermodel new here liked subscribed and rang bell permanent support here..👍👍

  3. I'm glad to hear you say that, I don't add extra fat either. I see people on Keto doing that and I have to tell you it makes me cringe. I have been on Atkins for a long, long time as well and it has worked great for me. I do watch a lot of videos of individuals on Keto and find them very helpful, outside of the required additional fat. Many of the recipes are great!!
    This was a VERY interesting video. Do you fry up all that ground beef at the beginning of the week or do it in the microwave? That is quite a trick, I think I will start doing that, awesome idea!!! I guess you could even freeze it and scoop some out when you needed it. I am going to make some of that egg roll in a pan this week, it sounds so good!!! Awesome Video, Sis!!!!

  4. Thanks Kathy!!! I’ve been busy and now I’m catching up. Oh love hot choc cups from my Kurtig! Wonderful video!!!!!! I’ll remember the Halloween candy is not my friend!
    God bless 🌸🌸🌸

  5. Thank you for the great tips!

  6. Hey Sweetness, thanks for another motivational video. I’m just curious do you ever eat avocados? I don’t think I’ve ever heard you mention those. I know they are good for your skin, but they are high in fat. Take care💕

  7. Great video beautiful sweet girl!!❤️❤️❤️

  8. I have to watch my husband at Halloween. He will go and buy a tub full of Halloween candy and when I ask who it’s for, he says, “It’s for the children.” Our children are grown! Got to love em!! 🤣😂

  9. I'm so happy to see you again! I am home! YAY!! I will be blowing up your phone soooonnnn… LOL. Girl I ate sooo bad while on vacay… I need all the help I can get now. I am back on my routine RIGHT NOW! LOL! No more bad food over here girl! LOL! LOVE YOU!!!! xoxo

  10. Hello darling! I love these types of videos you make they’re always so helpful!
    That egg roll in a bowl sounds SO delicious. I’m definitely going to be making it this weekend. Hot chocolate! Yum.
    I always have boiled eggs on hand too
    Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Love you xox

  11. Counting calories is how I lost 55lb. I feel great now and am happy with myself. Today is chef salads for dinner day. I never drink my calories cause I save them for real food. I am like you and keep those boiled eggs ready-set-go. Much Love Susan

  12. Catching up was out of town a lot this month. Needing my Kathy fix! Yes I don’t deny my body. Even cake but yes make a conscious decision to eat it but in moderation. I can’t believe you gain 14 pounds. These holidays can get ya lol. Great diet hacks. You are the queen! Have a wonderful weekend gorgeous and healthy girlfriend. ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  13. Good Morning my Little Ray of Sunshine, I just loved this video, I am learning so much from your videos. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks with us. Happy Thursday my sweet angel. Love you! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  14. 🙋 Kathy ! Very good video ! 🙋👍👍👍142👈 Good Thursday and good mood ! 😊
    🙋 I'm Vik Nik(Victor)👈W👈E👈L👈C👈O👈M👈E👈💃👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦) 😊

  15. Hi love !!!! Love this video and need to try the recipe !!! You are so right about our choices !!! Yesss Keep things ready to grab !!❤️💋Love you beautiful boo chop !!!

  16. Love your nutrition videos!

  17. Hehhehe and the doggy ran after you 🤩🙈 I love boiled eggs but I can’t eat it the next day it’s have to be fresh and warm, otherwise I can’t stand the smell 🙈 great tips beautiful, you always look gorgeous 😍

  18. Using your coleslaw recipe! I don’t eat out of emotion at all I never have thankfully My Savannah has been known to though My x husband does too He use to get up at 3 am and sleep eat a sandwich Love you boo

  19. I really like these videos: good, practical suggestions. I’m finishing the cream in the fridge and will not repurchase!

  20. Great video Kathy! Keeping our body at a healthy weight is key to a long life…over the years I have said to myself " eating is not's not a sport…." I love what you said it's about choices…:) I get no joy from candy bars anymore because I know afterward I will feel terrible. Lovely lady you are and smart too! xxoo Sues

  21. I love when you do these videos, very helpful and great tips. A plastic surgeon and a trainer couldn't get me to look look you. lol Great idea about cooking up the meat and having it for all week.xoCathy

  22. I Enjoyed your favorites, Being around so much Delicious Food Here in New Orleans, No Matter where you go, FOOD is The Center Of Every Function, But, I always find Lots Of Veggies, Salads, and Fruits, I Prefer Eating Raw Foods. Thanks for sharing My Sweet Friend

  23. Hi beautiful Kathy! Loved your diet hacks! So informative,your so motivated! Hah Halloween candy…. so tempting! So enjoyed watching bubbly you! Have a great rest of the week! Xoxo😙😙😙

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