Diet Tips from a Psychiatrist: Reconsider Supplements and Eat Real Food | Drew Ramsey

Diet Tips from a Psychiatrist: Reconsider Supplements and Eat Real Food | Drew Ramsey

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Most of the foods we consume are created for the supermarket shelf, not for our health, says psychiatrist Drew Ramsey. But you can boost your brain function and overall well-being with this one very low-tech, analogue tool: your grocery list. Ramsey’s latest book is “Eat Complete: The 21 Nutrients That Fuel Brainpower, Boost Weight Loss, and Transform Your Health” (


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Transcript – A lot of people like to talk about multivitamins and how they’re an insurance policy. And it’s always confused me as a doctor. Do you really think there’s an insurance policy for not eating well or not exercising or moving your body or not living in a compassionate and peaceful way? There’s no insurance policy for that. When you don’t eat well you get sick. And that’s one of the reasons that I really promote a food first philosophy that certainly if people have a deficiency, for example, if you have an illness like pernicious anemia where your body doesn’t allow you to absorb B12, of course you have to take a B12 supplement. Or if you’re severely iron deficient, take an iron supplement. But over the long term what we really want to see is that people are getting their nutrients from food.

So some of the reasons for this aren’t about nutrition, they’re about community, that when you’re engaged when your food and your food supply, when, for example, you go to a farmers market or if you have kids if you take them to a farm and teach them about where our food comes from that really creates a different philosophy or a different mindset about nutrition and about how we nourish ourselves. Certainly you can live on a multivitamin and sipping on some coconut oil, but that to me doesn’t create a great meal. And that’s really where I think about my favorite healthy delivery system, it’s the dinner table where as people sit around there’s a lot more going on than just the food. My family we’re talking and we’re processing the day and we’re trying something new. Even just engaging with your food the creative process of cooking, you take some of these wonderful food I just sort of picked up at the deli and I thought well we can just whip up a little quick salad, add in lots of fats and proteins with these nuts and seeds, s little leafy green with the watercress. I’ve never made a salad that has those ingredients but it’s a creative and fun process in a way to engage. Read Full Transcript Here:


  1. I think this is one of the best videos on Youtube.

  2. Fat is not healthy … it's ESSENTIAL

  3. I am using WooPep instructions to all my diet ideas 🙂

  4. 2:20 How is the form of vitamin E biologically relevant?

    This guy may be a doctor, but he sounds like a new age spiritual guru.

  5. two things
    1. I am lazy. Dont like shopping or cooking. So I want stuff that can sit n the fridge or on the shelf for a long time.
    2. I dont like spending much money on food.

  6. '*psychologist* '*talks about DNA*

  7. Do the nutrients of Kale get cooked off when you cook it in a pan?

  8. healthy food is way too expensive, hard to find and the results are not that noticeable.

  9. Love the subtitles, "Fido-nutrients" XD

  10. this guy would make a great hypnotist

  11. Great info and good talk. Thank you 🙂

  12. Homeless people should get free multivitamins.

  13. "Foods created for the shelf, not for your health…" I might have to start using that one when I talk to patients

  14. So… 90% "duh" advice, 5% kale hardon, 5% advice to eat shit that sounds disgusting.

    He also used the term "miracle molecules", so I was probably pretty jaded by the end of the video…

  15. kale man likes his kale alright

  16. The more times he says simple the more complex and boring it sounds. In America its all about how much benefit one gets out of something, not much about fun and taste. I would recommend introducing Indian spices to the American pallete. Today I see just crazy amount of tasteless ways of gorging down greens, which might also explain too many angry unsatiated vegan folks around.

  17. Kale poisoning kills livestock and humans too. I love kale, used to make steamed, sauteed kale, kale chips, until – after several painful incidents after eating kale – I realized kale was giving me severe migraines and made me vomit. Did a bit of research and discovered kale poisoning.

  18. great last line "foods created for shelf not for your health!"

  19. What's next? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Gordon Ramsey?

  20. So vitamins are not an insurance policy because do I really think they are?? I love that logic. Also why is a psychiatrist talking about nutrition?

  21. I love the logic of you're wrong cause do you really think you're right, really?

  22. this guy does not promote veganism (too bad, btw, i wish he did), but the most common misconception about veganism is that it is a starvation diet of salad, kale and broccoli, while in fact it need not be. People often forget things like whole grains, potatoes, whole grain bread and pasta. If you base a plant based diet on this, you will never feel deprived. Add nutrient dense veggies, fruits and nuts to that by all means.

  23. Well, I am pretty poor and sometimes I just eat rice and whey for over a week in a row. I can't really tell a big difference when I take vitamins or not, but I feel like it can't hurt. Kale or whatever isn't always an option for me… but a cheap multivitamin is.


  25. I'm sorry, but many claims are being made without citations or explaining the mechanisms involved.

  26. I got an Arby's ad on this video

  27. so is kale magic or what? if not, which foods are magic?

  28. "The third circle of Hell for kale." – That got a really good laugh out of me.

    "Created for the shelf, they're not really created for your health" – Extremely good point there. Not one which has really occurred to me before.

  29. This is an excellent video.

    Stop the kale hate people, kale's alright!

  30. Lost me at being able to feed a family of four for a week on a few dollars worth of kale. No, just no.

  31. There is no B12 naturally in foods though. It naturally comes from dirt, but because we live in such a sanitized society (and for good reasons too), we can't really get it naturally. Animals are often injected with B12 to not become deficient themselves, and that's where meat eaters get their B12 from. But this is in no way more "natural" than taking your supplements, so if you like me don't eat meat or any other animal products, take your supplements! The fact that this doctor promotes not taking supplements is non-scientific and dangerous!

  32. nuts and seeds are better than vitamin pills and just as easy to take.

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