DIY Bliss Balls! Gluten Free – Raw Vegan Dessert Recipe – Healthy & Yum!

DIY Bliss Balls! Gluten Free – Raw Vegan Dessert Recipe – Healthy & Yum!


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  1. Thank you for posting this recipe it is awesome, by the way Maca is not an aphrodisiac it is an adaptogen root vegetable that not only balances hormones but also boosts adrenals function to help you deal with stress

  2. Mmmh yummy!:) they seem so good, definetely going to try those out! Kisses from Italy<3

  3. my mom+pappa shakira&wife moni With YouTube playlist

  4. How many of these would you say is one portion? Thank you

  5. Hi Emily Please know that my next question isn't meant to be rude, but something I've been thinking about quite often looking at other vegans and youtube videos. I see women that haven't had children giving advice on how to lose fat & cellulite when they hardly had any to lose in the beginning. So, I do wonder if they are truly the best authority on how its really done. For us women that are nearing forty and, have had children. I would say more then 1 child ( losing weight after my first was fairly easy) 
    I have always been fit and "healthy" ( so I thought) using a body building "high protein low fat diet" in the past;I had always been able to lose the weight. But since Ive had children my body has gone crazy and what was once working no longer works. After my second child Ive had a thyroid problem as well as adrenal fatigue from over exercising ( I used to be a spin/rpm instructor) my hormones are out of sorts, and I realized a vegan diet is 'truly' a healthier diet. I have always gone for a "look" rather then health. But in saying that, I still want to look better. Im 39 years old about 20-30 lbs overweight ( sorry not sure the kilos) and no matter what I do I can seem to lose the weight. I have been on a HCRV ( or high raw some cooked) lifestyle for 9 months now, and only have gained weight. 
    So again I guess my question is this, How can you or even  freelee (for example) be an authority on losing cellulite
     ( and Im talking a larger amount, not just a bit here and there that skinny women naturally have) when your hormones haven't been as crazy wacked out.  I see only only a handful of vegans or HCRV (fat2fitonfruit) do well with losing weight through this lifestyle. I hardly see anyone in my category (the average women 40 years old 1 or more kids) that actually lose weight on the vegan diet. I would love to hear your thoughts, and maybe any testimonials that you know of. I just hear it "takes a lot of time" whats your take on all of this.

  6. Hi Emily! I found your website a couple days ago when I was looking for videos on selecting a rebounder. Ever since going mostly raw and completely vegan just a little over a year ago I am always looking for awesome recipes, and this is one of those gems! I didn't have any dried fruit or cacao or walnuts on hand, so…being that is is an "un"-recipe, I substituted carob powder and crushed pecans in the mixture. Rolled next in the carob powder, they look very cute in their little dusty brown suits with a white topping of coconut flakes. Deee-licious! Thanks for ALL your videos! You have a beautiful and gracious flair. I also now have a new appreciation for beets, and love my new natural rosy cheek and lip color. Blessings! "M"

  7. I was trying to see your DIY self tanner video but it says its private. Is there any way you can tell me the ingredients to make it? I have been trying to find a healthy self tanner for awhile! Thank you! xx

  8. Emily, you look so beautiful in this video! Would you mind doing an updated makeup/ body product video? I

  9. Will have to try this! Sounds yum!

  10. I just made these! Love the idea of an unrecipe and I loved improvising for these bliss balls.

  11. Lovely video. And lovely view! Amazing xo

    PS- maca powder has helped me regulate my hormones (I have PCOS). In the past doctors put me on the pill (ugh!) on and off for YEARS. It was terrible. Then I decided to take myself off the pill and start to take maca powder… it's amazing. Acne from PCOS is essentially gone now, etc.

  12. Do you live in New Zealand ?

  13. In this video I share one of my favorite 'go to' guilt free snacks. 
    They make the perfect dessert when you have nothing left in the kitchen cupboard. All you need is a couple of the key ingredients & you are set to have a delicious & nutritious blissful ball that is SO simple and cheap to make and totally guilt free!  
    If you have made Bliss Balls before I would love to know what you put in yours? x

    DIY Bliss Balls! Gluten Free – Vegan Dessert Recipe – Healthy & Yum!

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  14. +TheBeautyPlan I was looking for your book on audibleDOTcom, unfortunately I couldn't find it. Do you know if you'll have a version of the book for audibleDOTcom? I love listening to books on my drive to work and back. 

  15. Can't wait to try this! 🙂 I'm transitioning into vegetarianism before going vegan. I'm naturally slim but I have or had curves but since I'm hyper acidic I had to cut down and avoid on a lot of my favourite comfort food and fried food and lost weight. Do you know any vegetarian or vegan food I can eat to gain more weight and bring back the curves I lost? Any suggestion would be awesome, thanks! 🙂

  16. Love this video! Also, I am trying to transition into a vegan. What should I be eating? How do I know if I'm getting enough nutrients and the right nutrients? Thank you!!

  17. Love this video! Also, I am trying to transition into a vegan. What should I be eating? How do I know if I'm getting enough nutrients and the right nutrients? Thank you!!

  18. they look delicious! a must try:) thank you

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