Dr Ken Berry MD Carnivore Diet Success Story (+ Tips)

Dr Ken Berry MD Carnivore Diet Success Story (+ Tips)

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Listen to Dr Ken Berry MD, Board-Certified family physician, talk about the benefits of the carnivore diet & why we shouldn’t blindly listen to guidelines to avoid eating red meat.

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Before his recent switch to the carnivore diet, Ken was on the meat-heavy side of the ketogenic diet. He believes the two diets are very much related; with the carnivore diet simply being a subset of the ketogenic diet on the all-meat side of the spectrum.

If you know someone who is interested in learning more about the carnivore diet benefits, why we shouldn’t be afraid of eating more meat, and why the EAT-Lancet guidelines are wrong this interview is for them.

I enjoyed this interview with Ken as he shared some more of his Tennessee truth bombs regarding the EAT-Lancet Commission guidelines and where the agreed upon consensus comes from. He explains why meat is good for us, and why the more people sharing their diet results there are, the more valuable information in terms of healthy diet there will be available!

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Ep81: Dr Ken Berry Carnivore Diet Success Story (+ Tips)

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  1. Dr. Berry I started the Keto diet this month to lose some weight to help with my blood pressure. My wife and I through away our sugar, oatmeal, flour, gave away our oranges, dates, figs, but we kept our Breyers ice cream since we wouldn't be buying it anymore. One night my wife got a bowl of the ice cream, I had been checking my blood pressure several times that evening, so then I got a bowl of the ice cream and soon as I ate it I felt my blood pressure going up. I checked it and it had went up 20 points on the bottom & top number. From that point on no more carbs or cheating on the Keto diet. The last three days I have transition to the carnivore diet, except I add 1 item to each meal, a fresh glove of garlic. The fresh garlic cloves with grass feed beef, salmon, pork, and chicken seams perfect for me on the carnivore diet.

  2. I have struggled to stay low carb and fast. In addition when I do manage to stay low carb I may lose weight but I still have horrible skin issues and feel sluggish. Listening to some of these interviews I am thinking I need to give carnivore a serious try. No more almond milk or cauliflower pizza dough for awhile.

  3. Question. I did carnivore for 30 days and it didn’t help any illness symptoms and now I’m nervous and second guessing. Because where do you get potassium, vitamin e, Vitamin B1, and calcium. If your symptoms aren’t healing is it better to round out duet to get all the nutrients you need. I really would love thoughts on this.

  4. The most honest and kind doctor on YouTube. God bless him and his family.

  5. dr Berry, more and more people from quebec, canada are curious about this carnivore diet( mainly cause of me lol!), i think you should consider to sell your book lies my doctor told me, translated in french!!! It would be a best seller…no joke!!!! Gonna take another e-visit with you pretty soon!

  6. Dr. Berry was asked "how much meat" but didn't answer. So back to the question … how much meat does one need to be eating ?

  7. I would NEVER have guessed 50!!!! Thank you all for the work you do!!!!!!

  8. Is it true organic pasteurized eggs in the super market are just a marketing trick and y better off with eggs with flaxseed and omega 6, butvshould not have many eggs because of that according to this jerk frank?

  9. There's some guy on y tube named Frank that constantly saying dont eat anything but grass fed be ause of omega 6, not even any oils? Pl answer.

  10. Should you worry if too much protein will be stored as glucose and spike insulun?

  11. Sounds like a new fad, how can y be healthy with a absolutley no veg. Sounds unhealthy. More like atkins.

  12. 50 is still a youngster, Your not old . Old is 80.😄

  13. Been eating Keto since June 2018. Lost about 40 lbs up to November. Since then I’ve gained/lost the same freaking 4 lbs. Have been listening to you talk about the carnivore diet but was scared to try it. So I jumped in 3 days ago. Apparently my body loves it because I’ve lost 3 lbs already. I too have a higher % of Neanderthal in addition to French/English from my 23andme testing. All very interesting. Thx for all the good info!

  14. I was 360lbs and I had so much joint pain i could barely handle walking up the stairs. I was 35 but I felt like an old man. Within a week of going on keto i could run up stairs like when i was a teenager and I had lost 10 lbs. It's been 9 months and today I weighed In at under 300. (299.3). Also I used to have daily migraines and back pain but after that first week of keto I stopped waking up with headaches and I dont remember having back pain since. I try to tell people who don't eat keto how much improvement it is and they dont believe me.
    They think I'm just obsessed with keto😂. I guess you just dont know until you know…

  15. Thank you both for the information/ interview ….Dr Berry hits the head on the nail

  16. Life expectancy of carnivorous populations like the Inuit an Masai: below 60. Life expectancy of blue zones with very little meat: the longest on the planet.

  17. The Neanderthals died out because of global cooling, their food sources dried up. The last Neanderthals were cannibalistic. They ate meat. I have some Neanderthal dna too. I get very fat on carbohydrates. More bacon the better.

  18. Does the carnivore diet work for ALL BLOOD-TYPES???

  19. An interesting idea regarding neanderthal DNA because just as an observation iv had on accounts of people on instagram or facebook of people saying they have had benefits from carnivore/ keto diet are white people of northern European origin, of which have been found to have trace dna of neanderthals. Interestingly enough, black people have been found to not have any neanderthal dna at all. i havent seen a black person on these platforms account the diet

  20. An interesting idea regarding neanderthal DNA because just as an observation iv had on accounts of people on instagram or facebook of people saying they have had benefits from carnivore/ keto diet are white people of northern European origin, of which have been found to have trace dna of neanderthals. Interestingly enough, black people have been found to not have any neanderthal dna at all.

  21. should teenage do keto?

  22. Ugh I just watched Dr Rhonda Patrick on why carnivore can be dangerous! What’s the deal with her knowledge?

  23. Great. Another guineau pig beginner who is trialling his belief system of eating. I would rather listen to experts and real science..and people who live the longest and healthiest on planet Earth…they aren't Carnivore diet eaters. Lets see how you are in 20 -30 years. Until then, goodbye.

  24. Every time I see or hear his name I get cravings for icecream somehow….

  25. Home butcher will become illegal. And restrictions on animals will be higher. So we have to go underground

  26. Biohackers Lab I am very grateful for you posting these carnivore diet videos… I am now trying it on my 18 year old son with severe autism… and for myself and cleanse my body… I would have never endeavored it without your videos… Hopefully someday I can post a success video ourselves… Thank you 🙂

  27. Dr. Berry is the Best of the best!! Look him up on FB or check his YouTube Channel he is awesome!!

  28. I started on Keto and IF feb 2018 and had tremendous success. Went from 250 to 177 in September and not as strict since then up to 188 which I feel good at. I gave up bread, pasta, sweets, potatoes rice and beer but the one thing I just can’t give up are pistachios, sunflower seeds and all natural peanut butter. So I’m wondering if it would be that bad if I switched to carnivore but kept eating the nuts and seeds?

  29. How much do eat at one meal? I can't listen to my body, because it is apparently defective, and I would eat two pounds of beef at one sitting.

  30. Hitler was a vegan. Just sayin'.

  31. F it i'm becoming a plant and eating sunlight.

  32. I am sleeping better on a keto diet and it's not placebo as I was expecting the opposite. Also waking up with an erection most days when I haven't been previously.

  33. omg. It wasn't so long ago when I longed for human kibble so I wouldn't have to cook every night. LOL

  34. Stupid. Saying hormone and antibiotic full meat is okay?

  35. Wow I have Neanderthal part of my DNA also

  36. Probably this doc eats his daily sallad and enjoys fruit smoothies every morning. If he would do what he preaches, he would be disabled from clogged arteries.

  37. I've got the same ancestors as Dr Berry. I've been carnivore for 2 weeks and feel awesome. I have lupus and 95% of my pain and inflammation is gone. After decades of misery it's such a relief. Thank you Dr Berry!

  38. What a breath of fresh air our Dr. Berry is…. Thanks for the video.

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