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Today’s video, I’m showing you guys some easy and fast vegan breakfast ideas – savoury style. These are especially great for college students who are busy and also might live in dorms! None of these recipes require a stove top, so you could easily make these in your dorm. They also take only 5 minutes or less to prepare and they are not only healthy but also mouth-wateringly delicious.

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  1. I can’t find smoked tofu anywhere not even online #supersadpanda I think for the first sandwich I will use tofurkey or maybe the beleaf vegan fried egg ( probably for the wrap at the end as well or just make some seasoned tofu ) xo Davita

  2. Soy and gf, nut/legume free options?

  3. Content Creator
    Fucking ew yo! Just buy toufrky!

  4. I can understand why people are apprehensive about veganism sometimes cuz your first food looks yummy yet also like a nasty Patty from spongebob

  5. gluten galore and microwaves…mmmmmm

  6. DAMN those are some THICK slices of tomatoes o.o

  7. cheap lazy vegan, that name makes me laugh

  8. Thank you for this video, it's being a lot of time since I didn't watch your channel because of what happen to Puerto Rico. I have to say that after hurricane Maria I tried to maintain a vegetarian diet but I couldn't since lot of the food were meat can and I need to eat. No power electricity allows me to buy fresh food but now I'm trying to return to vegetarian, your channel always gives me the best ideas. That chickpeas avocado sandwich looks delicious and definitely will try it soon.

  9. I loooove avocado toast with black beans, salsa, & cilantro 😁 idk why that was relevant, but felt like commenting lmao

  10. Love the tofu scramble in the microwave!

  11. where can i buy smoked tofu?

  12. When YouTube tells you you've got a new video but it's not new… either way this is the best morning everrrrrrrr ❤️🍓🍓🍓👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

  13. I'm not a fan of Avocado, could I try mashing peas with chickpeas?

  14. Thiiissss looooks booommbb

  15. Could do with some more meat

  16. The best line 3.05 ‘this is great for people that live indoors!’ Lol!!! Nice recipes though.

  17. By the way , just to let you know , for some reasons your channel popped up on my channel two months ago and you were the one made me be a vegan just overnight seriously , your recipes are so effortless that it made me really easy to follow , thanks for such an inspiration

  18. Where do you get the smoked tofu or what brand may I ask plz ?

  19. yummm i'm actually OBSESSED with smoked tofu, i use it straight from the packet as ham or fry very thin slices and it's the perfect bacon!

  20. Thank you for not doing over night oats!! I am so over that!

  21. It's dinner time where I am, but I want one of those breakfast muffins RIGHT NOW. Such a great vid, Rose; thanks so much for sharing! 😀

  22. Cool.. I think I will try tofu scramble..

  23. Pure brilliance, Rose! I had never thought of making tofu scramble in the microwave! Or adding beans to avocado toast!!! OMG. Another pro tip: If you want to add more flavor/veggies to your tofu without chopping and sautéing, stir in some premade salsa! Seriously so easy.

  24. the first time I've felt like I could actually do all the recipes. bravo!

  25. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will be making all of these!

  26. SO helpful!! Thank you for this (:

  27. Thank you, thank you, for all these suggestions & quick recipes!! 🙌

  28. Great vid as always!

  29. I thought I was the only one who loves a savory breakfast but there you are…..and so happy to find you Rosa! This morning I had chickpea miso soup with wakame, carrots and green onions and tofu. Yummmmmm! I have been enjoying your videos and learning a lot from them so I want to just say thank you so much for the fun and instructional videos….and for being you. So happy to know you! (Vegan for 1.5 years…69 yrs old) sincerely, Maxine.

  30. for me the best scrambled tofu is with zucchini ! i LOVE it!

  31. fun easy fresh yay thank you

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