Eat Vegan for $30 a Week! Easy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Eat Vegan for $30 a Week! Easy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes

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Hey everyone! Today is part 2 of my vegan on a budget meal plan! This video is a days worth of cheap vegan meals made with the $30 TJ’S shopping list. I show you how to make oatmeal for breakfast, a brown rice Buddha bowl for lunch and spicy sweet potato tacos for dinner. This meal includes a lot of sweet potato and beans lol but don’t worry I have more $30 budget videos coming next week with different options!!!! My personal favorite way to meal prep and plan out my recipes for the week is to use leftovers and make big batches of food to reuse different ways. I hope this video was helpful and gave you some vegan meal ideas and inspiration!

$30 shopping guide from Trader Joes►


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  1. Yes! Would love to see more of these. Thank you for mentioning the option to make the oatmeal without using the microwave, too . Great video! 🙂

  2. Can u please make more videos of this kind

  3. Excellent! I joined your family 🙂 Great recipes and use of the instant pot. Will watch again several times and try today. I love being a plant based vegan. I am caring for my mom and she has started this journey too! How wonderful to find you and your channel. Thanks again. xoxo

  4. Omg yessssss. Looks great😋👌

  5. I love your creamy sauce ideas and the banana cooked into oatmeal, anyway all great menus . I hope you had your microwave tested for radiation. I did a test in my new microwave, I put the phone in it closed the door and called my number. I heard it ring inside and that's not good. Now I don't take a chance anymore on microwave and I use the cook top,toaster oven,water heater etc. I also make sure to use organic everything and grow herbs, kales , peppers , carrots mushrooms inside with grow light by the window.

  6. Love the background music 🤗

  7. wow easy, cheap and tasty! great video hun!

  8. Thank you for the mashing banana in oatmeal idea ! Such a simple thing makes such a difference in flavor ! I added almond milk and almond butter and it was delicious

  9. She sounds like Mira Sourvigno's character in "Romie & Michelle's highschool reunion" movie

  10. Your vegan tacos look delicious!


  12. Can you make a print list of the process to do the dressing PLEASE!!??

  13. yo i make black beans every other week (the other weeks i rotate thru pinto and garbanzo to keep things interesting)

    i like to add 1 whole onion, chopped, a jalapeno chopped, a couple bay leaves, and some dried chiles. it adds a ton of flavor.

    awesome salad dressing! I ended up adding flax seeds because it was too watery/thin. thanks for the recipe!


  14. Love your channel Chanty!

  15. I use minced mushrooms saluted in a bit of EVOO then taco seasoning!! Sooo yummy !! I do add a bit of honey to my hot cereals.

  16. I actually made the breakfast because it was so simple to make

  17. Awesome! now im hungry lol. Im not vegan but really want to try out these recipes. Please keep them coming. I love them!!

  18. Everything looks delicious! I love oatmeal for breakfast. Good idea cooking it with banana! Thank you 😘

  19. I was lucky enough to steal a taco 😁

  20. Love the meal prep Chanty! I want to point out that there are two types of cinnamon. You should look into Ceylon cinnamon. I think 'ground cinnamon' is usually cassia cinnamon which contains higher coumarin [not healthy] than Ceylon cinnamon. Other than that, I love your channel! <3

  21. Good video ! I noticed that you have a Vitamix…those things are Awesome !!!! I use mine all the time ! I am going to try that salad dressing, thanks ! Ps. were the sunflower seeds roasted or raw ? Thanks.

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