Extreme Fudge Avocado Cookies | Low Calorie Keto Dessert

Extreme Fudge Avocado Cookies | Low Calorie Keto Dessert

Extreme Fudge Avocado Cookies | Low Calorie Keto Dessert
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Extreme Fudge Avocado Cookies | Low Calorie Keto Dessert
Extreme Fudge Avocado Cookies | Low Calorie Keto Dessert

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  1. YouTube: never make me look at a disgusting poop pellet cookie like this again. Thanks.

  2. im not keto, low carb vegan or any labels, just eating alot cleaner and getting in shape…these look great!

  3. I just tried this recipe and the batter was delicious but the cookies themself came out tasting horrible! I followed every step.. not sure why this is?

  4. Haha! Somebody's baby crazy…

  5. Can you substitute the egg??

  6. Looks good, just watch the type of coconut, shredded store brand can be 50% carbs, you need the organic stuff

  7. I just have to make these asap!!!

  8. Damn it I shouldn't have watched this. I've been on keto a month or so and I don't have any treat material or at least any complete recipe ingredients and I am so hungry for a COOKIE!!!!!

  9. Why is everything dark chocolate? Is there not a way to make a milk chocolate Keto dessert?

  10. Very messy prep work, got the chocolately paste smeared everywhere. Cookies are alright, if not a little bland. Don't think I'm going to try these again

  11. The only people who don't like avocados are racists!

  12. avacado is made from the devil's fecal matter. awful. disgusting

  13. Ive been watching you guys for a minute and had no idea you had kids

  14. I cant tell what she said on 3rd ingredien5

  15. I love eating avocado with peanut butter or almond butter. Sometimes, with chocolate pieces. So, I would do these.

  16. How about using almond flour with almond milk

  17. I invited one of my friends to my birthday party and felt really bad because she basically can’t eat anything because of health issues. She can’t have too much sugar (and she can have sugar supplements such as stevia). She can’t have dairy, she can't have anything gluten, or rice, or bananas. So I have been searching for something sweet that I could make for her to eat so she didn’t feel left out. Minus the chocolate chips, this is a perfect recipe for her!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  18. How much eriythitol did u add?

  19. You're killing me… I have to do this….

  20. Any tips on how to replace the egg with something plant based?

  21. Does the erithiytol have a icy mouth feel after it ? Or any bad after taste like some other low carb sweetners

  22. Tried this out and it is so good and chocolatey 🍫🍫🍫 Next time though I think I’ll leave out the coconut as they really spike up the carbs per cookie! X

  23. Fudge-y and cookie like ? Oxymoron. “Cookie like” means a tad crispy. Cookies can be chewy of course but still have a little crunch in the edges.
    Brownies are Fudge-y. Cookies are cookie like.
    Maybe she said cookie like because they came out round with chocolate chips on top.

  24. No, shame on you Megha! Why would anyone want to replace a ❤️BUTTERY TASTE❤️(butter) for an avocado taste?

  25. Baby Jemima! Lolololol

  26. I’m type 2, insulin-dependent diabetic. Even looking at a carb raises my blood sugar! I haven’t had a cookie in years!!! I’m going to try this recipe ASAP. I have yet to find a sweetener that does not raise my blood sugar, I’ll try erythritol. My glucometer will be the judge. Keto diet is exactly what diabetics need to follow. I’ve been eating “Keto” for decades. Thanks for the yummy recipe, can’t wait to try it!

  27. What does an avocado taste like

  28. Love just want to know how it tastes ?

  29. Wish you listed the ingredients, i don't understand the second you added after avocado

  30. 🤤.“emoji” …. enough said

  31. "once they're firmed up, they're good to pull out" 🤣🤣
    I'm a terrible person, I know 🤭

  32. You might get rid of some avocado flavor if you add a little espresso powder to heighten the flavor of the chocolate

  33. how.much " sugar " did u put

  34. I love your shirts ma’am!! ❤️

  35. Could you use Stevia drops or powder instead of erythritol? I have an allergy to sugar derivatives. I buy Stevia with no bitter aftertaste and I like the fact that it actually comes from a plant.

  36. what is the 3. ingredient (white poweder)? I am not an English Native and could not really understand it acoustically. I went to your blog for the recipe but could not find it. only the same video as here.

  37. What's the 3rd ingredient?

  38. I have made these cookies many times now and every time they are delicious. I add a bit of vanilla and it removes any trace of avocado taste (not that there was much!). I also omit the stevia as I personally do not like the taste of stevia. Thanks for the amazing recipe!

  39. I love everything about this recipe and can't wait to try it!! 🙂

  40. Keto diet causes cancer vegetarian diets are much much healthier

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