Fast, Healthy, and Plant Based Weekend Recipes/Meals | Genelle

Fast, Healthy, and Plant Based Weekend Recipes/Meals | Genelle

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Hey babes, here are easy recipes that I follow every week when I’m running around or have a busy schedule! It’s planet based, healthy, and fast! like/subscribe for more!

My veggie, non GMO, Organic, VEGAN meals –

DISCLOSURE*** The honey that I use is honey just 15 mins north from me here in California. In some ‘vegan’ conditions local honey consumption is ‘ok’!
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  1. WTF was that underboob shot? Lol Anyways, I love your channel. You’re so pretty and you have an amazing body. I really enjoy watching your recipe videos. You motivate me to eat healthy and reach my goals! 😉👍🏼

  2. meanwhile I'm eating a family sized box of cheese itz

  3. Omg the food at that restaurant 🤤🤤

  4. Wow so pretty without all the make up. Such a stunner. This is a fun channel.

  5. What gym do you workout at?

  6. please what size and wieght are you ? thanks

  7. 3:30 sounded like ariana grande 🙈😯

  8. super super video have good week

  9. OH MY GOD, another vegan who eats honey! Thank you! I find nothing wrong with it if it’s local as well, support your local bee keepers to support the bees people! 😭🐝🌼

  10. this made me hungry

  11. Okay but uh…. what if you're broke?

  12. What was the restaurant called where they had dinner

  13. The music you were playing in the gym was BUMPIN'!! 💪🏼

  14. Ur vlog should’ve been called “Daily harvest advertisement”

  15. Those boobs are totally unnecessary. Good bye, whatever your name is.

  16. My coworker has this every morning and I have been wanting to try! Thanks for the code!

  17. Those smoothies look amazing, but the smoothies I make are 2-3 times that size. Def wouldn't fill me up, Id have to add a bunch of extra fruit to it which defeats the purpose 🙁

  18. I have never seen someone put honey in coffee lol is that common?

  19. Brilliant video footage! Here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to check out such a contents. We make Travel & Food shows too, anywhere in the world, and so we are often looking to get inspirations and techniques. Thank You.

  20. So, she is vegan? Does she not know how to read ingredients or that honey is not vegan. Don’t get me wrong, I wish more people ate like her, but she needs to know what isn’t cruelty free

  21. Omg that titty shot shocked me

  22. You're really cute are you spanish

  23. Why do you use oil in cooking but then worry so much about health? It's counterproductive! Oil is absolutely garbage for our arteries and it's just liquid fat, has 0 satiety. Delete it out of your diet.

  24. Go vegan 🌱 for the animals 🐣🐷🐮🐑🦃🐇

  25. sugar free peanut butter from trader joe's mixed with raw un-pasteurized honey. i love it to death i eat it straight (sometimes with celery). it rules. 100 times better than standard store bought. you and me are on the same page nuttin' better than food that's healthy and actually tastes good. greatly enhances the enjoyment for me.

  26. love it! i have some great quick vegan meals on my page you should try !

  27. Whole grain pasta usually consists of eggs , am I right?

  28. how long have u n ur mans been togther suga. so cute, so cute xoxo

  29. Does anyone know the brand of the green swimsuit Genelle has on in the thumbnail for this video?

  30. girl u know I'm already ordering my free smoothies with your code

  31. Where is your shirt from

  32. Those smoothies look bomb!

  33. I loved this video sm sm😍

  34. queen getting creative with the editing

  35. no shipping to Canada😭

  36. where was the bikini from in the photo?

  37. All delicious, but too much plastic 🙁

  38. Where is ur bitchin shirt from?!

  39. you look so amazing without makeup, you should go makeup free more often!!!

  40. Honey is not vegan or cruelty free…

  41. underboob game on point!

  42. why is everyone in LA obsessed with alkaline water lmao just drink tap water christ

  43. What size are u in lulu leggings?

  44. yay love these types of videos! 🙌🏻♥️
    much love

  45. I think that brand of almond cheese might still have dairy in it! It’s lactose free but not completely dairy free! I’d just read the label! 🙂

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