Fast Weight Loss with Green Tea | Green Tea for Weight Loss | Weight Loss Tea

Fast Weight Loss with Green Tea | Green Tea for Weight Loss | Weight Loss Tea

Green Tea Recipe for Weight Loss | Health Benefits of Green Tea & How to Drink It | How To Make Green Tea to Lose Weight Fast | Who Should Avoid Green Tea | Types | Side Effects | Green Tea 101 | Best Time to Drink | How to Use Green Tea for Weight Loss | When to Drink | Green Tea for Flat Belly | DIY Green Tea Recipe | Green Tea Safe for Pregnant Women / Nursing Mothers? All Green Tea Doubts Cleared by Versatile Vicky

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  1. So is it ok to drink green tea after breakfast, lunch & dinner?

  2. Can u use the same tea bags for next use

  3. Mam I have recently subscribed to your channel. Mam I am an anemic and I have bleeding issues. Can you please advice me what I should drink to reduce weight.

  4. nursing women can take green tea?

  5. I like the matcha green tea by lipton

  6. Hey guys it really does help out
    What’s important is you must not add anything to it and it works at it’s best function

  7. Not good for heart patients?

  8. I loved your accent.

  9. How can i buy this green tees ? In Germany Please ???

  10. Mujhe aap ki sab video pasand hai Mai har video follow karti hon aapki bus aap Zara hindi me bhi boliye plzzzzz

  11. Eye opener,excellent of you mam

  12. Vicky your all videos are helpful and trustable

  13. Maybe I am not researching correctly, but I seem to see that Green tea is good for people with heart problems.

  14. Hi i m taking green tea for weight loss. Along with, lunch and dinner want to take green tea ah mam. Watever food we take also green tea shall we take?? Pls rly mam.

  15. I love green tea best drink with a lot of healthy benefits

  16. Madam can i use any company green tea

  17. Can I use Tobacco leaves?

  18. I love her accent! Presentation is very important when introducing a product!

  19. You sound like Pryia Koothrahpoli on Big Bang Theory!

  20. Is it Ok to drink green tea before i sleep?

  21. That tea on 2:08 is from my country, indonesia 😊😁

  22. Very informative l did have it with honey I have now stopped. Thanks.

  23. What type of green tea decaf or caffeinated???

  24. Can I carry green tea in a bottle to office which is prepared in the morning

  25. Can we use Lipton green tea

  26. I m planning to get pregnant so can I drink green tea

  27. Plz mam hindi m video bnao…

  28. Very well explained ma'am…! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  29. Can i have both greentea n black tea (with milk) as a daily routine. Does it harmful to my body. Pls mention me.

  30. OMG it's only been a month since I bought the green tea and it really works thank you I'm down 12 in a month… You just have to drink it everyday and alot of water and keep your self on a eating diet not junk food

  31. I used to take it on an empty stomach so is it causing harm to me??

  32. thank u for this video mam vicky…
    now i know that drinking green tea in the morning on empty stomach is wrong…
    im doin it for a month now…thank you for the info vicky….

  33. Satisfied with your video

  34. Can u plz tell me a remedy for removing pimple marks plz make a video on it plz

  35. so how many time can I reuse the same bag of green tea?

  36. What if I only drink decaffeinated green tea? Can I drink that in the morning on an empty stomach? Caffeine gives me acid reflux so I don't take it.

  37. Can you drink in the morning when you go to school? Do you poop a lot when you drink green tea?

  38. why osteoporosis patients should not consume it?

  39. Mam can you please tell me how to store already brewed loose leaves. Means after taking out from the infuser how can I store it for the next day. Please reply mam

  40. Without being a civil servant ..u r doing civil services…..great👍

  41. I'm using Lipton Green Tea and I add 1 lemon to add more flavor, its more effective.. I'm 82 kg's before but after 2 weeks I lost 9 kg's already.. I do running every morning.

  42. Plz a solution for saggy skin

  43. Thank you for sharing this valuable information regarding green tea….

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