Five Diet Tips for an Ileostomy | Cutting with Crohn's & Colitis | Episode 8

Five Diet Tips for an Ileostomy | Cutting with Crohn's & Colitis | Episode 8

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I’ve lost 20 pounds in the last 8 weeks. Here are tips that I think would help anyone who has an ileostomy who is looking to diet down and lose weight. Also these are good things to have in place in any normal diet.

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  1. Sir my Ileostomy has been closed now my post operation is about 26 days till now loose motion is going on still due to diversion colitis inside the large intestine,so please do kindly tell me the best food to stop the loose motion please.Thanking you

  2. I hope I make it through the yacking…

  3. LOL "If I told you it was beer you'd easily get that in"
    Rum n coke maybe 😃
    Got my panproctocolectomy surgery this Friday coming (19th October)

  4. Hey man, I have an ileostomy. Operation was October 2017 so fully recovered found wise. Have started back lifting and after doing a few weeks worth of heavy squats and deadlifts my stoma has prolapsed a bit. It has extended out about another 50% (just less than 1 inch) more than it was. Have you ever experienced this and if so any tips? any advice or help from anyone appreciated. cheers

  5. Absolutely hate sweet potatoes, plus water can go through the system too quickly before it can get absorbed, I make up a rehydration drink plus add fruit juice to my water slows down its transition

  6. my Ulcerative colitis is not that bad. it's like on and off depends on what I'm eating but your diet plan is very easy and simple. thank you so much 🙂

  7. Your tips caused my stoma blockage – not happy 🙁

  8. Thanks for the tips. I only eat two meals a day and I miss eating salads. I also only drink about 1.5L of water so I will work on this thanks

  9. I have an ostomy bag and I hate myself for gaining weight idk what to eat or what not to eat because I’m diabetic and my sugar gets low:(

  10. Had myn a year now,thank u for this…

  11. I got my permanent colostomy 22nd Feb 2018. I want to be like u.. u r my inspiration.

  12. I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease since 2008. And I’ve been trying to find what best suits me and also find work out routine with Crohn’s. So thank you for this video! Subscribed as well!

  13. Excellent video, thanks. I wish I could exercise but I have a hernia around my stoma…….great diet thanks for posting

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