Five Slimming World slow cooker recipes

Five Slimming World slow cooker recipes

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From all-day breakfast hash to barbecued pulled pork, our five ways with slow cooker video shows you how to make 5 fuss free easy recipes. Slow-cookers are perfect for busy cooks – stews, soups, broths, casseroles, curries, chilli and pot roasts all make delicious meals. Watch this easy video to find out more, or for more healthy recipe and food ideas go to


  1. The cooking time is too long, can make all of these in a hour or two without a slow cooker!😋

  2. Só what r the ingredients

  3. What's the white ingredient in the egg mix before she starts to whisk it

  4. is there a slow cooker book

  5. How on earth can you slow cook eggs for 8 hours …im sorry but this turns them to rubber ..the other recipes are ok dont do eggs please !!!

  6. Would be better if you actually described the ingredients rather than just saying add ingredients . It's better for the viewer.

  7. great ideas. Wished it had recipes in the description box. Makes it easier for viewers to write down and see better.

  8. No idea why the word slimming is in the title of this video though. Loose weight with pulled pork and white rice?????

  9. Just the mentioning of the word lamb in connection with food turns my face green had has me running shivering to duck and cover.

  10. 🍄 Hi. Thanks for sharing your time and recipes with your viewers ; love those giant meat forks ! I know what Quark and Rashers are, but what is Passata ? I'm a , just now, new subscriber and, also, a Crock-Pot home chef. Looking forward to more slimming recipes ! 🍴. 👍👍

  11. @ 2:13 ummm (6) rashers? 200g of quark? What. Is. That?

  12. Lovely dishes ! But please, don't call the rice dish a Risotto…. a real Risotto needs to be stirred while cooking at all times so the starch can be released and making the Risotto creamy !

  13. Best video presentation I've seen on YouTube and can't wait to try these recipes out eat health eat lean I just love cooking and eating and not compromising on taste x

  14. Agree to everything, except for the risotto!!!!

  15. what size slow cooker are you using?

  16. hey if u put the breakfast casserole on high how long will it take

  17. Fab that. Thanks guys.

  18. I'll have to get my slow cooker out of the basement, i always thought cooking was hard lol

  19. I have the all in one breakfast cooking in the slow cooker as I type this <3 Thats me and my childrens breakfast sorted for the morning. I will be serving it with sausages and beans. Love the idea! I never thought to do this in my slow cooker. Genius

  20. bbq sauce looks great.

  21. slow cookers are a great idea and practical, going to try some recipes Thankyou

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