Flax Seeds Roti Recipe For Quick Weight Loss | | How To Lose Weight Fast with Flaxseeds

Flax Seeds Roti Recipe For Quick Weight Loss | | How To Lose Weight Fast with Flaxseeds

Flax Seeds Roti / अलसी के बीज For Weight Loss | How To Lose Weight Fast with Flaxseeds Roti or Chapati Receipe | FattoFab

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  1. Buckwheat flour kiska banta hai mam PL tell me

  2. Thanks a lot suman…..lovely video….I will also try this


  3. Maam can u share a diet plan for weight loss for th feeding mother plzzz do share maam

  4. ye ghee khila kr ap weight los kr rhe ho ya gain kr rhe ho mam

  5. Hi Sumanji…
    Can I make a chilla with these flours by adding onions & coriander leaves instead of roti?

  6. Hi sumbal I have an issue please tell me the solution when I start to diet then very first my skin fat go and then effect on body my body is ok now but my face is so thin which look not good please tell me what should I do I did diet only and didn't work out but now I walk daily for 30 minutes and also 30 minutes exercise should I take enough and healthy diet with walk and exercise? I don't understand what should I do please please tell I'm asking it because with losing your weight your skin is also good and glowing but with losing my weight my skin is getting thin and dull and also losing its elasticity I'm 30 and within last 6 months I have very little aging signs on face and they started after dieting (I'm not talking about your diet plan) please please tell I'm from Pakistan I need your guidance

  7. Kya flex seeds ko use karne ki pregnancy me diqkat hoti h

  8. Roasted flex seeds use kar sakte hai ?

  9. Main tou pcos ki patient hun mere lye kya thk rehaiga mixed flex seeds main le sakhti hun plane water k saat

  10. Mam aapne is chapati me itna ghee add kiya. To weight loss ho jaega kya?

  11. So much flaxseeds can have negative impact on body…Not more than 1tsp is recommended per day

  12. Thanks Dear ,That's Helpful😍 and i also found This Video which is Really Useful For Losing Weight Faster. Watch it 👇 https://bit.ly/2EmAh1d

  13. Hi suman aapne kha hai ki kutu ka aata lelo chapati ke liye but Maine kaafi read kiya hai kutu ke baare me ki daily nhi kha skte kyunki daily khane se stone bhi ho jata hai 🤔

  14. Weight loss with Roti at home easily

  15. Waooo Di looking so beautiful

  16. Plz make a video on the sabzis that you cook to have with all these weight loss rotis

  17. Is chapati ke jgha wheat flour ke one roti without ghee kha sakthe he kya

  18. hi chai seeds helps lose weight

  19. Mam plzzzz weight loss video banaye for college students

  20. Pregnant women can take this roti

  21. Can we take readymade flour of flaxseed and quinoa?

  22. feeding mother chia seed le sakti hai kya for weight loss pls replay

  23. Seriously ur skin is glowing & lukng flawless..plz tel us..hw to get the same kind of skin

  24. suman pls share the skincare routine as ur skin is realli glowingg😍😘

  25. Please protein shek banana Sikh ye daibeteas logo ko rat ko pee ske aur rata ko bhuka na lage please

  26. Maam mujhe flaxseed se white discharge hota hai

  27. Hello mam… can i know wat is buckwheat flour?

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