Freezer Meals! Easy Healthy Lunch & Dinner Recipes – Mind Over Munch

Freezer Meals! Easy Healthy Lunch & Dinner Recipes – Mind Over Munch

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Freezer meals make meal prep for the week SO easy! Healthy meatloaf, slow-cooker chili, & coconut curry! Easy crockpot recipes!
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  1. She sounds like steve erkle on family matters

  2. I am looking for snack ideas I love your pizza rolls video

  3. Easy to use and programmable.>>>    The lid is also secured in place by latches making it safe to transport and you won’t get your abuelita’s frijoles all over the back of your lowered to the ground 4×4 pickup truck. Love this thing.

  4. Thank you for adding with what we can eat these recipes with. I would be lost without knowing. If i don't know, I can't find myself making it.

  5. OMG this made me laugh so hard, I had the same problem. I just gave up and call it rooster sauce, I can pronounce that. I have to try the meatloaf one. Thanks!

  6. This idea is very good make alot of videos like that

  7. Question! Why does the PDF for the Curry recipe contain water when the video did not?

  8. I would like to have some recipes abour food that you can freeze and then put in the oven like this, without waiting one night… thank you 🙂

  9. great channel. I just came across your channel. I typed in freezer meals as I have a big family (10) and want new ideas and your channel popped up. I am.going to add some of these recipes to my rotation. thanks for sharing. just subcribed but would really appreciate a sub back. have a great day ~ Tracey

  10. Watched this to get ideas for my husband who is not vegan… then she says, these can be made vegan. WOO HOO! thanks for having both options!

  11. Its Wuss-stir-sheer.
    Why do americans find this so difficult?! Not trying to be mean, I just don't see what about this exact word confuses people – there are many, many more difficult names, places and words in the english language!

    Worcester is the town, like most uk county towns, and because we're lazy, the "chester" suffix is contracted to "ster" – and because british english is non-rhotic and lazy, we drop the hard "r" sound off the end of words, and let vowels on weak syllables become a sort of lazy "uh" sound. So Worcestershire becomes Wuh-ster-shuh or, as it's easier to envisage that in terms of known words, "Wuss – stir – sheer"

  12. Love how you said Worshirrrrrr Sauce! Literally laughed out loud! Twice! Love the video! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  13. thanks for your reply but you didn't reasening yet why it is better to cook it before you freeze it? i believe you have better idea which is completely i could accept: you didn't explain in the vidio i can assure you cooking is a lot of fun and it is technic knowledge and experience you got all of them may be it too much but true

  14. compltly wrong to freez food that way what is the to frez it that way if you didn't cook it yet even it make it harder to cook it later when it is frozen you better cook it first and  reheat it when you need it this is the way otherwas I like your show and effert

  15. I LOOOOOOVVVEEE them all!!

  16. fun fact: my country was once a British colony and to this day we still call worcestershire sauce by the company that makes it. so we just say "Lea and Perrins" and everyone know what you means.

  17. Hi! How long do i cook those meals if I don't have a slow cooker ? Love your books!

  18. For the recipes that have diced tomatoes (canned) can we use fresh tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes? Or does that ruin it? Thx 🙂

  19. The PDF link is broken, and I'd really love to get the recipes for these meals. Help! :-).

  20. Great video. Do you have a snap chat ?

  21. Hi, thank you…more of these please! love your vids!!

  22. More freezer meals! This was awesome!

  23. in the video for the coconut curry. you didn't add any water but I thought it says too in the recipe. my son cooked this today and tasted great but it was dark brown. I'm assuming that because I used green lentils instead of red. I will make this again and maybe decrease cook time. Thanks Alyssia

  24. Love these recipes. Made them and gave them to a friend recovering from surgery to make life a little easier for her. We both loved each one. Can we have more freezer dinner meals please?

  25. You made me laugh at worcestershire sauce. I had issues with it too. LOL. Everything looks yummy.

  26. How do you feel about pre cooked rice that you can cook in 10 minutes or it is better to buy uncooked cheap rice?

  27. vegan freezer meal prep please

  28. Should the foil for the meatloaf be greased/sprayed with cooking oil or does it come out OK after being baked?

  29. What is the time frame on how long they will keep?

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