Frozen Diet Meal Taste Test

Frozen Diet Meal Taste Test

- in Dinner Recipes

Can frozen meals be healthy AND tasty? We taste test meals from Amy’s Kitchen to Lean Cuisine to find out. GMM #1259.1
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  1. nice touch with the BIG MICROWAVE at the background 🤣

  2. I am trying to loose weight but I know it is hard to loose weight

  3. Stouffer’s doesn’t come in a cardboard bowl and they don’t cut corners, you elitist dolt. How out of touch are you soyboys? Have you ever even seen Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese or Lasagna??

  4. god damn I need me a large sealed lasagna

  5. Amy's is vegetarian but Link didn't move it from the chicken meal…

  6. I eat Smart Ones every day for lunch. They've helped me a lot in losing weight. I'm still trying to break other unhealthy eating habits though.

  7. And what is meat forward🤣

  8. Amy's kitchen is very tasty!

  9. And I am laying here at 2 in the morning eating hot Cheetos 😂🤦‍♂️

  10. the smart ones frozen meal portion led me to witness a very cute bff moment

  11. tv dinner only for americans lmao

  12. Looks like evoL listens to Eminem.

  13. "It's one big ravioli link!"

  14. Amy's frozen meals are actually really good dude!

  15. I love when link says "who the crap is Amy"

  16. The music at 12:20 ~
    What is that music, I know Achievement hunter uses it for their hiests but I could never find the clip

  17. I eat an Alfredo from Boston Markets frozen section at school everyday lol

  18. Those lean cuisine pizzas in the thumbnail look delicious

  19. “I can see him eating anything”

  20. Damn. The amount of work that the guys and their team must put into coming up with so many different defendants and then realizing them into actuality is absolutely insane! (I also bet that their weekly/bi-weekly/monthly brainstorming sessions are a total hoot!) They deserve 10 million more subscribers based on that alone!

  21. The funny thing is as soon as you microwave something that should be healthy for you, like they’re advertising to be, all the healthy quality’s about it are distributed through the nuclear process

  22. rhett and link being disgusted at diet food for 13 minutes straight

  23. who the crap is amy?
    i’m giggling

  24. Amy is their family members name

  25. Links’s heart wins in the end.

  26. I know it’s not real but the forks in the microwave we’re making me insane

  27. The same pizza they ate in the '80s in North Carolina is the same one we eat in 2019 in North Carolina. Amy is after the founder's daughter.

  28. Sometimes I wanna tell at Link when hes doing something just,,,, dumb. Love ya, guy, but you're bad at a lot of stuff.

  29. Lol Link guessed the next one every time like he would guess amys kitchen wrong and then the next one would be amys kitchen

  30. a square is a rectangle

  31. I REALLY want a microwave like thay

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