Full day of Eating | Indian Fat Loss diet

Full day of Eating | Indian Fat Loss diet

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You can replace eggs with whey protein isolate. To watch the detailed version of this recipe (with oats), click here

Click here to watch a vegetarian breakfast recipe:


To watch the vegan, eggetarian, non vegetarian versions of the same recipe click here


To know 7 other pre workout meal options, you can checkout this video


To find out other post workout meal options, click here.


You can replace chicken breast with paneer, tofu, pulses, eggs etc.
You can replace roti with brown rice.

Make sure you are drinking enough water and drinking it the right way. Click here to watch the video:

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  1. He is very cute
    And I just love his simple and proper videos

  2. Meal plans for vegetarians?

  3. Hi Fit Tuber … this video is useful Thank you….and I don't want to waste egg yolks…. So please suggest us some ideas to use it

  4. Instead of eggs what should i take

  5. For vegetarians please suggest different meal at dinner time,,

  6. Whether breakfast lunch or specially dinner Pls give alternatives for vegetarians also

  7. Ur solutions are more authentic than others…I really like it

  8. I'm vegetarian better if u suggest plant based

  9. What brand the brown rice is this? Rice remains same texture, my brown rice changes is shape.. please recommend

  10. itna sara khana sara din me……ham to nahi khate…..ham to normal khana khate he aur bharpoor kam karte he…

  11. Ek alag hindi channel banao na vai..

  12. Bro you forgot to switch the camera off.

  13. You forgot about vegetarians at night

  14. Ur shirt is very nice..

  15. I am starting this diet from tommorow 12 march
    Starting weight is- 95.2 kg
    I've made several changes in it…lets see
    I will update weekly

  16. How to loss the belly fat after delivery plz suggest me…

  17. Nice video 👍, please suggest any vegetarian alternative at dinner time.

  18. Bhai urdu m bola krain

  19. Pls make a video student how a student loose weight with all time table

  20. Bro i have a problem… I do loose weight after dieting and exercising but after leaving diet and back to normal food my weight gains up as it was before 😑

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