Full day of eating-Men’s Physique 30 days out | Diet Tips

Full day of eating-Men’s Physique 30 days out | Diet Tips

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Thank you all so much for watching this was my Mens physique prep diet at 30 days out! thank you for all the support over all my soical media, you guys have blown me away with the positivity and support so thank you to all Old and New subscribers your all awesome, much love! lots more to come!

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Post workout: Unison – Aperture
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  1. Did he put a plastic pan in the oven? How did that turn out?

  2. Interval training? Nah, it's all about that interval cooking

  3. just came across your channel 👍👍👍 love it , although it's weird watching you cook broccoli after watching your 10k challenge first lol

  4. Love the videos man… I'm a former boxer and know my body pretty well, I know how to lean up and the right cardio to do ( lots lol)…. I'm more a family man now and work for a living…. I want to retain my muscle and lean up… Whereas in boxing it was all about making weight, disregarding how much the fat/ muscle loss ratio was…. One thing I found interesting was all the " stuff" you put into that protein shake. I can't really remember off the bat but it was creatine, Whey, diet whey? Etc… Could I retain by JUST using whey isolate protein? Again, love the videos, huge fan

  5. Great videos man! keep going 🙂 thumbs up

  6. Love your channel simon, follow your snapchats, cab you add me back so i can ask questions and tips (oliverm-w) thanks

  7. have you ever been on a cycle? and would you recommend it?

  8. I have a couple of questions
    How high is a fifteen year olds metabolism?
    How to get from 20% body fat to 10%

  9. I'm all biz when I see you have put up a vid 😁😁😁

  10. Such an underrated channel

  11. Ayy you uploaded! Nice vid man, glad to see you back!

  12. can you let us know the song name please thanks

  13. i need to make this omlett! T_T thx for the musicccc <3

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