Healthy and Easy Breakfast Ideas – Quick School Breakfast Recipes

Healthy and Easy Breakfast Ideas – Quick School Breakfast Recipes

Healthy and Easy Breakfast Ideas – Quick School Breakfast Recipes

Hey everyone! In today’s video I decided to show you some of my favorite quick and east breakfast ideas for school mornings, or just for any mornings! I hope you enjoy the video and try out some of these recipes! Thanks for watching! 🙂



♡ Ellie June


  1. I watched one of ur vids by accident and now im addicted for watching more vids !.

  2. Remind ppl to subscribe bc I'm new I nearly forgot

  3. I have braces so instead of putting almonds in for the granola bars can I just add a little more oats?

  4. My favorite healthy snack is sliced bananas and sliced strawberries on top of toast, as a drink, I like to put strawberry yogurt into a ice tray then pop some blueberries, lemons, strawberries in the ice tray on top of the yogurt as well, then the next morning I pop that into my water bottle. Edit: omg 1 like tysm!!

  5. Loved thus video. I will try the banana bread, muffins, and granola bars!☺

  6. Tried your overnight oats and granola bar recipie. The granola bars were yumm. Both recipes used ingredients that were simple. Was just wondering how many calories each granola bar was
    Thank youu👐💗

  7. You remind me of Shari Franke from 8 Passengers!

  8. Those muffins are so healthy😊

  9. Your smoothie idea was a dang good one! I love smoothies, but I hate taking the time to make them in the morning. Prepping the ingredients beforehand sounds like it would cut my time in half, so thanks for that! 😊

  10. Such a great vibes watching your video

  11. Whats your age and height?

  12. Hey ! The recipes are amazing…but pls tell me the song name which are playing in background……???????


  14. Well, We really need to show your channel to other people, cause girl – you're awesome! You spread a lot of positive energy and your ideas are very fast and easy to do. Thank you dear! <3 Have a wonderful day! <3

  15. i loved it very very helpful thank you

  16. you should hairstyle tutorial

  17. Love the granola bars recipe!! Thank you!

  18. wow you are such an inspiration! Your videos are really cool and positive!!

  19. You look soo preety …
    Are u a school going girl (I'm also one)😄 ..In which class do you study..
    Please let me know …
    From India

  20. My favorite health snack is popcorn, homemade popcorn with butter and salt is so good, but I like all popcorn.

  21. An easier way to cut them would be to pull out the foil and cut them on top of a cutting board, a trick I learned from my mom😄thanks mom!

  22. They all look so yummy! ♥
    I am gonna try the smoothie one! 😁

  23. Delicious , healthy and simple.
    Cool ideas

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