Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss | EASY BREAKFAST RECIPES (Vegan)

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss | EASY BREAKFAST RECIPES (Vegan)

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss! Healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss. Easy breakfast recipes and ideas for school, for college or work! Including breakfast smoothies for weight loss, oat recipes, a healthy vegan crumble and quick easy breakfast ideas like fruit bowls and breakfast bars! These yummy breakfast ideas to lose weight will give you energy for the whole day!

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  1. I love these recipes I'm excited to try the berry crumble

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  5. add more greens to your smoothie! masks the flavour

  6. 👋🏻 how are you thank you for your advice.
    I 😍u

  7. this morning i had blueberry oatmeal with fruit on top 😍

  8. half a block of tofu and two pieces of sprouted tofu:):)

  9. Random on this video, but I just have to say that you're SO BEAUTIFUL!❤️

  10. everyone always say we can take smoothies and crap on the bus with us… no, not really. we barely allowed to take water.

  11. I tried the berry oats and they were delicious!

  12. For the first recipe, can I use vegetable oil or olive oil instead of coconut oil?

  13. I had a healthy pb+j smoothie after a workout session 😃 your video is very useful by the way!

  14. This excites/inspires me to eat more healthier meals on my weightless journey! Everything looked easy to prepare and very tasty, thanks!

  15. Omg you are such a cutie & I absolutely love these ideas 😉
    Subscribed! 💕

  16. i have to try the berry oats they look delicious

  17. Bonding over 🥘 That berry crumble looks scrumptious. Will be making.
    Great video.
    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

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